30 Jumps

  • Puzzle
  • Joe Miller
  • 1 month ago
  • 59th


Mouse left click, drag and aim to try to reach the next platform.

Arrow keys to pan the camera around (resets to player automatically)

R key to restart




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Challenging game! I included it in my GM48: Sacrifice compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/owM22-wcZP4

I did it! 30

... And nothing happened, talk about underwhelming

So, the game is not bad, at all, but it doesn't connect to the theme in any way, and there are some things here and there that could be improved, like auto respawn, or adding a limit to the force you can use (I like that you can go out of the window btw, but this gives an unfair advantage to 4k monitor users.

You could probably name this game 5 jumps, because if your mouse can go far enough you can jump on the 6, then the 7, then the 9, then the 19, then the 30.

Overall still a fun entry, even if it doesn't connect to the theme at all.

These kinda games are dangerous for me to try. Because I get obsessed about beating them, lol. Not super amazing art, and it didn't have anything to do with the theme, but that's okay in my book (see: my own jam entry lol). The physics felt good, and that is what's most important here. I enjoyed it a lot.

Also: 🎉🎊🏆💯👌👌

winner winner chicken dinner

I liked it! It's always fun to have these slingshots mechanics. :)

Restarting should be automatic if you fail!

Nice use of the slingshot mechanic. I made it to the 9th level. Trying to land on #10 was really difficult! This would make a nice mobile game.

30 Jumps is a super addictive game, with good visuals and great music. But, like the other reviewers said, the lack of checkpoints and the constant need of restarting manually if you fall to the bottom of the screen are frustrating. I only reached the 12th platform and although I wanted to climb more, the mentioned features let me down (pun intended).

I like precision games like these. The controls were good. Graphics were alright. The music was nice, but I wish it was longer. It got repetitive quickly. Like Fachewachewa said, it would be better if the game automatically restarted if you fell off the screen.

Simple, solid and fun game. Didn't follow the theme, though.

Hah, I recognized the green background!

I'm not sure what it's doing here though, it didn't even try to fit the theme ? Plus there a some incomplete things that could have been fixed in a few seconds, like the fact that you have to restart manually

It's a fairly simple game, but it is pretty fun launching the box between the platforms. However, I would've liked some sort of checkpoints - it's annoying redoing everything after making a small mistake. The furthest I made it was the 11th platform.

The graphics are simple, but they work well enough. The music is nice too. I'm not sure what the game has to do with the theme, though.

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