Blood Crucible

Blood Crucible

  • Red Panda Studios
  • 2 years ago
  • Disqualified


Overview: You are Rage Guy, a badass, armor clad, shotgun wielding night stuck in Hell.


How To Play: Demons will spawn in waves of increasing difficulty. Kill them to collect aditional health and bullets. Stay away from them with your fireball dodge. Meanwhile, you must keep the Blood Crucible from running out of blood by sacrificing some of your life. If the Blood Crucible runs out, you will loose! Another epic weapon at the disposal of Rage Guy is Rage Mode. By sacrificing 4 hearts, you can briefly gain the ability mow down demons with powerful melee attacks.

Controls: Move w/ W, A, S, D

Attack w/ Left Mouse Button

Fireball Dodge w/ Right Mouse Button

Sacrifice w/ Right Mouse Button (Next To Crucible)

Rage Mode w/ Middle Mouse Button (Next To Crucible)


Lead Progammer - Levi Pinkert (Fajpaj)

Secondary Programmer - Caden Kalfin (GreenBlazed)

Lead Artist - Caden Kalfin

Secondary Artist - Levi Pinkert

Lead Music Artist - Levi Pinkert

Lead Animator - Caden Kalfin

Please note that our mac and linux ports don't work


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