Silence of the Sheep

  • Platformer
  • Adam
  • 1 year ago
  • 61st


Grab cosmic sheep and throw them onto altar stones as a sacrifice to gain other worldly powers. Sacrificing the ground sheep will increase your speed and jump height.

Tips: You must sacrifice all ground sheep available before moving to new regions or else you may get stuck and have to restart (press R to restart). It can be won!

alt text


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  • Tecna
    Tecna Tecna 10
    1 year ago

    The programming part of this game is spot on, you did an awesome job with the particles (blood and rainbow). The gameplay is not so engaging, but the music is fun. Great job!

  • YungBirdGoose
    YungBirdGoose YungBirdGoose 1
    1 year ago

    I dig the idea, this could be a good concept for a larger scale game. The sound effects are premium and the rainbow trails are fun.


  • TheCalster
    TheCalster TheCalster 4
    1 year ago

    I thought the visual effects of the rainbow trail from the sheep was really cool! I got stuck in a pit, and had to restart, so perhaps the level design could be redesigned. The sound and music were decent, but the art could be improved I feel.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar 31
    1 year ago

    Neat little game, I liked all the little visual effects, while I didn't really like the base sprites of the tiles and character.

    Sound was cool albeit repetitive, and the sacrifice idea is pretty well thought and executed.

    The level design makes it incredibly frustrating though, and in a game like this where you have to backtrack a lot the level design is probably the most important part.


    Edit: nevermind, I was the last sacrifice all along. Nice.

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts 41
    1 year ago

    It can be easy to get stuck due to the game design. I kind of would have liked the altar to be in the middle of the room to avoid backtracking as the altars tend to be far away from each others.

    I liked the rainbow and blood effects!

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley 9
    1 year ago

    Really colorful game! I got stuck though... I included it in my GM48: Sacrifice compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos 26
    1 year ago

    Getting gradually powered up by making sacrifices is a neat idea, and it's executed fairly well. I was really impressed by how smooth the controls are. Even after you gain massive amounts of speed and jump height from all the sacrifices it's still easy to control.

    The level design feels a bit random and poorly thought out, which can lead to getting stuck (I didn't, but I can see how it would be possible). Personally I would have started the player at the bottom rather than the top. That way it would always be possible to get back by falling and you would be forced to upgrade your jump to reach higher areas.

    The presentation feels a bit random too, but not necessarily in a bad way. The rainbow trails look cool, and I like the blood effect when you sacrifice a sheep - especially how the blood remains on the altar. The music is also good.

    • JealousCrow JealousCrow
      JealousCrow 6 Developer

      Hey, thanks for the feedback! The level design definitely took a hit with the deadline looming and all, just wanted to create something weird and fun. I am going to polish it up and put it on itch in a more refined state after getting everyone's feedback. I will definitely rework the level design and artwork. Thanks again!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I got stuck in a couple spots in the game and had to restart. Its kind of frustrating to have to backtrack at throw the sheep in the alter as well. Would be funner to work your way through the level and not have to go backwards.

    • JealousCrow JealousCrow
      JealousCrow 6 Developer

      Hi, thanks for playing my game and thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, I ran out of time and if you don't sacrifice all the available ground sheep before going to the lower left region of the room, you can get stuck and are unable to win. I also forgot to mention that pressing R will restart the game in the controls.


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