Archies Arrow

Archies Arrow

  • Team golden Games
  • 3 years ago
  • 20th

To move you press W,A,S or D You use the mouse to aim and shot. To make the game full screen press f4 Press ESC to pause You only have one arrow so if it falls into water, you either have to die or you press the restart button.

there are three difficulties Medium (everytime you die you respawn in the same room) Hard (everytime you die you respawn at the beginning of the area you're in (there are three areas)) and Insane (everytime you die you're sent back to the title screen meaning you have to replay the entire game).

all of the games songs were made in all of the games sound effects were made in

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 12

    Really lovely concept!! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the games from the GM48, if you’d like to take a look :)

      Level 33

      Wow, I just saw Archie’s arrow in your top 6 games of GM 48 “one shot” at B3. Thank you so much for the nice words. I can’t even describe how much that means for me (and probably Knutone too :) but Täto didn’t really take part of that jam. We didn’t even know you completed the whole game!

      You are going to make videos about the 25th round too, right? We are participating with our game BrainBot.

  • TheProgrammer163

    People already told you about the installer lol.

    It's honestly my favorite game of the jam so far. I love using a bow and arrow, there were many monsters and many areas. It wasn't too complex that I had to get a headache - it was simple, well made and fun.

    I'll agree that the enemy design wasn't always great (the ones who just patrol can't really attack you, just go near them and shoot multiple time and it's done). Making them melee attack you if you got too close or something different that keeps you far from them, could have been really cool. I did enjoy the slime balls slowly following you. I also liked that they "walk". They stop, move forward a bit, stop, move forward. That was a great movement mechanic for the slime.

    Still so far it's my favorite game. Love the simple art style, love the simplicity of the game mechanics. I beat the boss and it was hard but I beat it.

    So far it really is my favorite of the jam.

      Level 33

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback! I’m pretty proud of the result but I can’t believe you place it as a favorite! (which you said three times) I’m impressed and glad you got through it all and beat the final boss.

      The skeletons was the first enemies we made. It would be inefficient work if I deleted them and I didn’t got your genius idea about melee attacks. I’ll try to be more creative with enemies in the future.

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 63

    EDIT: I have no way to send you a message, but if you want to understand why people hate installers:

    They're an unnecessary hassle. A game jam usually has tons of games to play. People want it to be easy and quick cause they want to play lots of games instead of just one or two. Remember that downloading a ton of games also means you'll have them in your computer until you delete them. And they will most of the times be deleted (it's only a game jam). I mean... there's rarely a reason not to delete them after playing them, they take useless space since they're quickly made games. So installers take extra effort cause you gotta install them, and then uninstall them after playing. And most of the times, game jam games are not properly named, meaning they can be tricky to find amongst all your programs. No one wants to deal with something like that just for a game jam.

    When you want people to play your game, you need to keep in mind that you gotta make it as accessible as possible!

      Level 33

      I don’t get why everyone hates those installers! It’s either because it takes long time or because it takes more memory. Anyways, I’m sorry to everyone that I didn’t notice the warning when I submitted it.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 37

    This was a pretty cool game, you implemented the one shot idea pretty nicely, tying it both to your win condition and to your losing condition, the level design was pretty good even though I feel the enemy designs were not as good as they should have. And the art + sound pretty much completed the deal turning what would've been a mediocre game into an interesting experience.

    I liked it.

    I didn't like the installer though, no one does, never do that again, please.

      Level 33

      Thank you so much for feedback and I'm glad you liked it. You can thank Knut (he's the other taurho member but is never doing anything) for the art, level design and sound. Thank me for the installer. I won't do it again.

      Your head looks like an angrybird with sunglasses

  • Gilbert Matos

    This game was a blast to play, but check points became bs after I got a little far into the game XD. I was respawning a bit too far back. Other than that it felt great! I didn't know that letting the enemy touch you if you haven't shot your arrow would shoot it instantly and also kill the enemy, if it only took one hit that is lol. I loved watching that arrow bounce all over the place killing enemies. Very satisfying indeed!

    As soon as I am done rating other games I'll come back to this to beat it all the way through lol. Great job!

      Level 33

      Thank for the response! I recently checked notifications and found your response 1 sec ago. Lol. Because Hard was the only way to play when we designed the levels, the spawnpoints in medium mode may be weird.

      No, I misunderstood you! You probably meant that the checkpoints takes you too far back in the game (not in the room). If you played on hard, play on medium instead to get more checkpoints.

      I think I should named them hard, harder and one shot mode.

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend Level 15

    I had a blast with this! Very nice concept and use of theme. I really loved the music. Very much fit the setting. And the boss was great except for the dang water haha! Otherwise the game was great!

    edit: Some things you can do better:

    Upload your game as a compressed file. ( people don't usually like to install/uninstall stuff)

    Some more visual feedback when hitting enemies would be nice.

    Art could always be improved. (hate saying that because for me art is the area that is lacking when i do a game jam.)

      Level 33

      Thanks for playing and finishing our game. I'm very glad you liked it so much but it would be greater if you also said what we can do better next time :D