Relic hunter Cat

Relic hunter Cat

  • ckau
  • 2 years ago
  • Disqualified


Controls: WASD + Arrow keys + Space Bar.


Let's say you want to make a game based on one simple core mechanic. You have cards placed on the table, and you gotta turn them upside down until you find some item you need.

Add some cats, aliens, special tools that help you deal with it - and that's how you get "Relic hunter Cat". The game as simple as that, with an addition of modifiers and different "cards".

So, yeah, it's theme wombo-combo here. On one hand - it's the game build around the simple action of turning cards (one rule - many uses), on another - it's protagonist, the Cat, who is the only tool for several different jobs.

Adventures are fun, right?


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