Relic hunter Cat

Relic hunter Cat

  • ckau
  • 2 years ago
  • Disqualified

Controls: WASD + Arrow keys + Space Bar.


Let's say you want to make a game based on one simple core mechanic. You have cards placed on the table, and you gotta turn them upside down until you find some item you need.

Add some cats, aliens, special tools that help you deal with it - and that's how you get "Relic hunter Cat". The game as simple as that, with an addition of modifiers and different "cards".

So, yeah, it's theme wombo-combo here. On one hand - it's the game build around the simple action of turning cards (one rule - many uses), on another - it's protagonist, the Cat, who is the only tool for several different jobs.

Adventures are fun, right?
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  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 54

    Music is fun and I like the completion pictures! The gameplay was a bit strange. I wasn't so sure what was going on when moving and sometimes monsters may just screw you up cause they move as fast as you. The traps didn't seem to always work neither but it didn't stop me from finding the last relic

    • ckau ckau
      Level 13

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Yeah, the monsters are too much sometimes. Also, still not sure why I've tried to make it semi-turn based game :D

  • Fachewachewa

    Loved the artstyle and the music, the gameplay not so much. Apart from the lantern thing, I wasn't able to use correctly the different items. The main strategy seems to be running around without stopping and hoping to see a relic before an enemy.

    And the theme felt really shoehorned in.

    • ckau ckau
      Level 13

      Hey, thanks for the fb!

      Welp, theme edges are the most interesting and worthy territories for me. With all the respects to those who make more casual and conventional stuff.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    Interesting idea. I like the concept of searching tiles for the objective while avoiding hidden enemies. However, it seemed easy to just get lucky and find the relic quickly without encountering anyone. If could have been neat if there were more things to find (e.g. money bonuses) but you can obviously only do so much with the time.

    The presentation is well done. The music is great and the sound effects are all effective. The visual lends the game a nice charm, though there could have been more variation between levels.

    • ckau ckau
      Level 13

      Hey, thanks for the feedback! :)

      True that. In one way, this is a puzzle/maze game, so it will definitely benefit from: a) manual level design, or b) smart rules for the level generator, so it will be capable of generating "smart" levels.

      But without much of content, there are not many tools, apparently, to design "fun" level...

      I've somehow focused more on items and aesthetics, and only now realized that the game would benefit from the level design. For example - throwing in swamps that slow down, stones/trees that block path (and maybe even obscure vision). All the classics, the basic stuff - that would've been done in an hour, in the current game framework. But will definitely have some nice "fun" value.

  • Joseph
    Joseph Joseph Level 4

    Ooh, love the music, was bobbing my head to it the whole time. Nice job on that! There's something to love about the mspaint style artwork for telling the story as well.

    I also really like the concept, it's almost like minesweeper for cats, but the mines move and chase you down. Some small things could definitely be improved, like making the art in the "gameplay" part a little less straining on the eyes, and making the rustling grass where enemies are stand out just a bit more. Overall, I like the idea of a bounty collecting cat going around finding relics. If this was made into more of an adventure style game it would be right down my ally cat (you could keep the hub with the computer and maybe make the missions full levels you can explore). Just some thoughts, but it was pretty cool and again, that music is awesome.

    • ckau ckau
      Level 13

      Thank you for the feedback.

      Yeah, I've imagined the art to look like in "Don't Starve" game, especially for the bushes - but I definitely can't draw :D

      Also, good point on the adventure genre. Plenty of items was cut out of the concept (like beacons that highlight area around them), but they would definitely fit the adventure game you're suggesting.