Syringe Madness!

Syringe Madness!

  • Squeed_Fingars
  • 2 years ago
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  • WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement
  • Left Mouse Button - Select enemy to draw materials from. Ends Shooting Mode.
  • Right Mouse Button - Select enemy to inject materials into. If too many materials are put in they will explode. Ends Shooting Mode.
  • Space - If the syringe contains materials, attach the syringe to the player. If the syringe is already attached to the player, shoots materials towards the mouse cursor until materials run out.


You command a floating syringe, which follows your commands for as long as the player is alive. The goal is to take out as many enemies as possible. Keep in mind that with more destroyed enemies comes more enemies to take their place, and possibly unique variants. Last thing, Hit an enemy bullet 3 times, and it's game over, so make sure to watch your surroundings!


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The work for this game seemed to naturally split into 2 portions :

  • Work on the player and syringe mechanics, along with laying groundwork for stuff later on.

  • Scrap 90% of the stuff I was laying the groundwork for, and work on the 10% remaining.

It was pretty fun working on this, although I definitely got a bit lazy with optimization, art, sound effects (there are none!), and an options menu (the last thing to get scrapped). If you go through the project file I uploaded you can see how much stuff I left out. Anyways, that's about it for a post mortem.

I enjoyed working on this, and I hope you enjoy playing!

Result 41st