Syringe Madness!

Syringe Madness!

  • Squeed_Fingars
  • 2 years ago
  • 41st


  • WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement
  • Left Mouse Button - Select enemy to draw materials from. Ends Shooting Mode.
  • Right Mouse Button - Select enemy to inject materials into. If too many materials are put in they will explode. Ends Shooting Mode.
  • Space - If the syringe contains materials, attach the syringe to the player. If the syringe is already attached to the player, shoots materials towards the mouse cursor until materials run out.


You command a floating syringe, which follows your commands for as long as the player is alive. The goal is to take out as many enemies as possible. Keep in mind that with more destroyed enemies comes more enemies to take their place, and possibly unique variants. Last thing, Hit an enemy bullet 3 times, and it's game over, so make sure to watch your surroundings!

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Neat idea! I included it in my GM48: One Tool, Many Uses compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 56

    The chain reactions are lovely! However, I don't know if there are way too much effects (particles and everything)? Cause the game is soooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooow... like, I wonder if it was supposed to be this slow, and since I see a lot of effects going on I wonder if this is the right fps...

    Aside that, I like how the syringe floats and how you can use it. Nice take on the theme!

    • Squeed_Fingars Squeed_Fingars
      Level 6

      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I don't understand why it's so slow, it ran fine when I ran it in the project (it ran 60 fps). It's definitely not supposed to be that slow, and it wasn't that way when I was testing it. I did notice it was pretty slow when I downloaded it and tested that version of it though; seems a little strange. Anyways, thanks for playing!

      I'm glad to know that I need to check the final project as well before uploading, and will DEFINITELY do that for the next jam, since it goes way slower than it should, not to mention that the spawns are wonky (There's around 6 materials, but I've only ever noticed 3 of them spawn in the compiled version).


    I killed 139 enemies. I think that pretty good. The game overall was very fun. It makes me feel great!

    The cain reactions was the most satisfying action I've seen in this jam. The art of the syringe and the enemies was okay but the explosions looks fantastic.

    I understand how it relates to the theme but think the uses are too few. The biggest problem I have is the character. I can't see it because it's just 1 pixel thick!

    • Squeed_Fingars Squeed_Fingars
      Level 6

      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I didn't put much effort into the art, which I'm now starting to regret. I'm glad to hear that the reactions are satisfying, I spent some time trying to make them look neat. I probably should have made the character a little "thicker" before I uploaded the game, because you're right about it being a bit difficult to see.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Fachewachewa

    Oh man this is so close to being great!

    So, good things first:

    • the mechanic is a nice idea, even though sometimes I'd like to know how many shots I have (it doesn't seem that good to drain multiple enemies at once ?)
    • the different ways colors behave and the paint it lefts on the ground was a great touch.
    • the kind of "strategy" that emerges, when you decide who to drain and who to kill to make chain reactions
    • those chain reactions feel so good

    Now, not so good stuff :

    • the game desperately needs some punch and sounds
    • it may be a little slow ? maybe the speed should increase over time
    • the user interface needs a lot more work!! you have black text on black lines and you need to move to see everything, plus the menu are kinda small
    • and finally, the game over screen takes way too long, I just want to go back instantly!

    So yeah, a few more hours in and it would have been great I think!

    • Squeed_Fingars Squeed_Fingars
      Level 6

      Thanks for the feedback!

      There were 2 reasons why I didn't add sounds.

      1. I was tired and thought, although irrationally, that I might accidently make the sounds too loud. Probably an excuse caused by...

      2. Me getting lazy and starting to rush development because I just wanted to get it done.

      I agree that the UI is pretty bad, I did try to combat the black on black by making the background lines a bit lighter, but not light enough. I also should have made the tutorial much more intuitive; probably would have been better off just making it a series of pictures with control labels / explanations.

      The game over screen is a rushed mess, I also could have gotten a little more creative with it (I just tried mimicking what I did for another project).

      To end this response, I'd like to add that I put a little bit too much time into secret / hard to find things as well, such as bacterial material. Anyways, thanks for reading these thoughts and for playing the game!

  • Joseph
    Joseph Joseph Level 4

    I think it would have controlled better if you just automatically equipped the syringe after taking the material from a ball, and then clicked or right clicked to use it once it arrives, as equipping/spraying the material was the optimal way I found to play rather than right clicking, but felt a little overcomplicated to control since you have to press space once to equip, and then again to shoot.

    After I figured things out though, there's some stuff to love here. I really like how the battlefield keeps the scars of it's previous battles for one, and I like shooting the red material in particular and watching it explode on the other enemies too. Blue material looks cool too. Never understood the green material though, it seemed kind of weak.

    Not bad all in all, just has a bit of a steep learning curve.

    Highscore: 13 enemies killed (thank you red material, haha)

    • Squeed_Fingars Squeed_Fingars
      Level 6

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Yeah, when I tested it I usually played by spraying the stuff as well, I just must have gotten used to pressing space. I tried making the right mouse attack useful in certain scenarios and with certain materials. For example, the blue material is used much more effectively by using the right mouse button attack than when shooting it, as it will spray blue material (which homes in on nearby enemies) all around the exploding ball in large quantities. I still should have added a setting in the (nonexistent) options to toggle how you wanted to handle using materials; I hadn't thought about that before.

      The green material has some very specific uses, so it is a little weak; probably could have gone with a speed boost. The main purposes I could see it being useful for is for stopping bullets, and massively decreasing the size of bacterial material (which I made pop up way too far into the game, I believe after 100 kills you can start getting it).

      Thanks for playing the game!

  • Rohbert
    Rohbert Rohbert Level 14

    So yeah..had no clue what was going on. Unfortunately, I did not understand how to play or how to control your circle even after doing the tutorial. I can tell you had some interesting ideas for this though.

    • Squeed_Fingars Squeed_Fingars
      Level 6

      Thanks for the feedback! While the tutorial is definitely lacking, I have to say that it is definitely capable of explaining the player movement controls, as it's the first thing the tutorial goes over, and it's just WASD or the arrow keys. The syringe controls admittedly could be explained a little better on there, but the explanation of the controls on the game page should be capable of explaining how to control the syringe in more detail. Thanks for playing and for the feedback, although I believe you should try out the game again.

The work for this game seemed to naturally split into 2 portions :

  • Work on the player and syringe mechanics, along with laying groundwork for stuff later on.

  • Scrap 90% of the stuff I was laying the groundwork for, and work on the 10% remaining.

It was pretty fun working on this, although I definitely got a bit lazy with optimization, art, sound effects (there are none!), and an options menu (the last thing to get scrapped). If you go through the project file I uploaded you can see how much stuff I left out. Anyways, that's about it for a post mortem.

I enjoyed working on this, and I hope you enjoy playing!

Result 41st