Pixel Fray

Pixel Fray

  • matharoo
  • 2 years ago
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Pixel Fray

Pixel Fray

How far can you get? Share your hi-score!

In Pixel Fray, you have to click and destroy pixels that are coming towards you, while they keep getting smaller. You can buy upgrades like zoom, coin multipliers and bombs to help you get the best score!


  • Left Mouse Button to destroy

  • Right Mouse Button to zoom (after buying)

  • Space to drop bomb (after buying)

  • Press CTRL + Shift + E to delete your save info and start all over again.


  • The pixels keep getting smaller & harder to click on, but you get more coins from the small ones!

  • Destroy multiple pixels consecutively to earn a combo that gets you MORE coins!

  • Automatically saves your data, so you can close the game & come back to pixel-crushing some time later!

Made in 1 day


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