Dementor's Lament

Dementor's Lament

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Dementor's Lament


Movement: Left/Right Arrow Keys
Cast Spell: "Z" Key
Jump: Space Bar

You can also cast upwards by holding the Up key when casting!

In "Dementor's Lament", you play as the amateur sorcerer, Gif (because that's how it's pronouced), who has found himself lost in a cavernous dungeon full of traps and treachery. Using the only spell he knows, you must help guide the apprentice spellcaster to safety, or risk eternity in the depths of spike pits and ghost bellies.

"Dementor's Lament" is comprised of four levels complete with various puzzles requiring the expert use of your hand missiles. Can you escape the dungeon?

Coding, SFX, Game and Level Design by Kilven Deneras

Art, Music, Game and Level Design by Dillonsemaj


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