Yoyo Master: Cheung Wai Keung

Yoyo Master: Cheung Wai Keung

  • Beans n' Olives
  • 2 years ago
  • 14th


** PLEASE READ The mac version uploaded does not work.

Six time yoyo champion Cheung Wai Keung has just retired, and now finds joy in using his masterful yoyo skills to help others.

HOW TO PLAY MASH - aim and left click to mash the potatoes in the pot alt text

FIGHT CRIME - control the yoyo master with your mouse and left click to swing your yoyo at the robber alt text

SHOW OFF - drag the mouse in the directions shown (when they reach the grey line) to have the yoyo master perform his yoyo tricks

RESCUE - left click at the right time to knock the kite out of the tree alt text

ENTERTAIN - move your mouse left and right to move the yoyo like a pendulum to make the baby laugh

Made by Cirrus Studios (@cirrus_studios) Olivier P. - Code Bernice W. - Art and Audio


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"Oli is quite happy" "I think Bernice too!"

Result 14th