• Hemophiliac Knife Fight
  • 2 years ago
  • 20th


You are a sentient robot, set free by a disgruntled elderly janitor, who may have taken the wrong medication, was recently fired, and may be dying. His bucket list is to set you free upon the world, like in them fancy space movies.

Your Mission: Destroy all charging stations by any means necessary.

How to Play:

"W" = Forward

"S" = Reverse

"A" = Turn Left

"D" = Turn Right

"R" = Repair

"Spacebar" = Activates your tool, which can plug into various ports, activate objects, or even shock enemies.

You have 2 resources: Energy, and Health. Everything you do drains your battery just a little more, so you must move to the next charging station to avoid being shutdown.

Bringing your health to zero means you are a dead robot of course.

Upon failing, you will restart in that same area, so you won't lose all of your epic progress.


Art/Design: Christopher Weller

Code/Design: Ian Edie

Special thanks to Triston, he helped us all around with ideas, and helping us create sounds. This game wouldn't be near as epic without him.


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This was our 2nd foray into the GM48 game jam, and we did better than our last entry (we were 20th this go around, 33rd last time).

The Theme was one tool, many uses, and we both thought of a USB cable at once, so we decided to make a robot that could plug into different things to accomplish different results. As we started working out visual designs, our plans changed, and once we started implementing everything, we were stunned at how fast the deadline was approaching.

This only has about 5-10 minutes of gameplay, but we had 30-45+ minutes of gameplay planned and many more challenges/uses/features that I just simply couldn't code in time.

The final product we submitted contained only few bugs (There was a slight possibility for a collision to completely blip the player across the map, and if an enemy "fell" into a pit, there was a chance they were still actually there attacking the player, but too small to see) however was not as intuitive as I hoped.

Our takeaways from this entry are

  • Approachability, how quickly can a player quickly jump in and how easy is it for them to understand what the goals are, and how to accomplish them
  • Challenge, our last 2 entires have been "too easy", and could be pretty boring. Our next entry will be much more challenging.
  • Presentation: While I feel our artwork was fairly decent, our presentation on the game left much to be desired, and probably deterred a few potential players from trying to game. Next time we are going to devote more time to the intro graphic (The short Gif that acts as the icon on the GM48 site) that will hopefully lure players in, then we can get their votes with fun, challenging, and intriguing gameplay.

That's the plan anyways... that 48hour timeframe can REALLY sneak up on you, and force you to cut corners in order to submit a playable result.

  • Ian
Result 20th