• Scott Richards
  • 1 year ago
  • 29th


You play as a Valet who attempts to deliver vehicles to owners at the proper time. Vehicles will periodically be delivered to the pick up zone OR selected from the cars already on the lot. Every 10 seconds cars will cycle down a priority list displayed on the right side of the screen. Yellow represents the new car, from yellow it can go to any available blue position or be removed from the priority list. When a car reaches the green indicator it must be delivered to the drop off zone.

There is a tutorial and two levels. Pressing escape takes you from the tutorial to level 1, after time runs down you are taken to level 2 which repeatedly cycles.

WASD / Arrow Keys to move E to enter/exit cars ESCAPE takes you to the first level

I wasn't at all excited about the theme so draw your own conclusion there. In the end it was a fun experiment.


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