Down and Count

Down and Count

  • Jamblefoot
  • 1 year ago
  • 74th


The Count is restless. He can't sleep, and he's out of blood. A package is outside, but as long as the sun's out, it may as well be miles away. There's not much to do but wait for sunset. Time is a cruel beast, but not as cruel as the beautiful ghost what once was his girlfriend. The Count was happy then. At least, that's what the picture shows. She seemed happy, too. What is happiness, anyway?

# # # #

So I was idly wandering through Reddit and was about to comment about how helpful game jams are for getting a project finished and out into the world. I was grabbing the link for this here jam, only to discover it was well in progress with a mere 17 hours to go. Clearly, I've been away too long. I did the only thing I could, and got cracking on this pretty minimal, tuneless, MSpainterly point-and-click adventure. Enjoy!


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