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Tydecon Games
Tydecon Games Level 46
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I've learned two things this jam, both probably equally as important as each other.

  1. Sleep. This is the first time I'd missed a nights' sleep to complete a game and while I am glad I got it past the finish line, I should not have sacrificed sleep, that threw me through a loop the next day and I was so lucky I didn't pass out!
  2. Know your scope. It occured to me, with 8 celebrities, 40 unique questions per celebrity and 5 possible answers to each question, that equates to ONE THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY lines of dialogue. I didn't need to write that much, nobody would see all of that and in reality I probably could've done half that much and spent more time focussing on the bugs I'd let slide!

We live and we learn! 😅