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GPS Dungeon Escape

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GPS Dungeon Escape
GPS Dungeon Escape
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I came into this jam thinking, "Ok, what do I do?" I decided to do something based in randomly generated dungeons. However, I hadn't thought of the GPS until I happened to hear one of those assistant apps on TV saying something. This was early on, but once I thought of the GPS and how silly it could be the project basically turned into a hodgepodge of things talking with one of those text-to-voice things from online. I even messed with the audio in Audacity!

Looking at the project now, it's a bit of a bugged out mess. I mean, the wall implementation is awful (yeah I've seen Shawn Spalding's smooth-collision things, I just got lazy), and some of it is based on random chance. I did enjoy throwing in an actual quote on quote, "story", near the waning hours of the jam. However, I'd say the majority of the time was me playing around with text-to-speech.

So, I enjoyed working on this project, although I could have done better. My favorite part was probably near the end when I was working on the story and added the reverberation sound effect to the secret key objective sound...it made me laugh. Anyways, that's it. I just hope the theme is cooler next time.