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Puppe Party

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IsmoLaitela Level 19
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Puppe Party
Puppe Party
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Puppe Party

This idea could've fit in so many themes, but "Colors are important" finally shaped it to become what it is now. Simple idea: Bunbuns jumping with the beat. If you guide them, they'll follow, but if you don't, they'll randomly jump around.

Day 1 - Mechanics

First things first: Puppes need to jump. In a rhythm. And without colliding with each others. This system was surprisingly easy to build from ground up. Instead of trusting GM's own instance actiavation order, I created my own: Create priority queue and based on pressed arrow keys, add highest priority to those who are closest of the said direction. Then loop that queue and apply wanted actions. When that was working like a charm, it was time for some colors variations, enemies and obstacles. Day 1 was pretty much just finishing mechanics and making sure they works together.

Day 2 - The panic

Menu, progression system, levels, graphics, popups, buttons, music, sounds, more graphics, testing, testing, changing, HUD, testing, pause menu... That day I spent pretty much in a rush mode. I could've used one or two extra hours to polish this game for good, but even so it feels like I could throw it on itch.io and charge few bucks. As said, there's so many thing I could still change, but unfortunately time ran out (just like myself). If I could make changes, I'd probably add more smaller levels before ramping up the size of them so quickly. Depending on reception, I could make better version out of this. It seems promising.

Summa summarum

After all this panic and honing, I think it turned out quite well. It resembles fully featured game starting from the very first screen. It has tutorial, options, level selection, 7 different Puppes, 15 levels and what not! I'm quite impressed and obviously, I couldn't have done it without my designer and musician. It really helps to have a team, BUT scope tends to grow from original a lot, so I gotta be careful with that in a future.