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Lv. 5
Cloud Level 5
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This is a game I wish I had 72 hours to complete instead of 48. I really think there is a lot of fun to this concept and as I dug deeper towards the end of the game I really started to see what kind of game this could be, but unfortunately didn't have the time.

The goal for this jam was to make something with very small scope, a single mechanic and expand on it as much as I can rather than building systems on top of each other over and over. I believe I succeeded in that and came up with something that is both a combination of fun and challenging but also very accessible. (To players who aren't colorblind. Sorry!)

The first few hours I spent iterating over the concept and how I would apply it, once I realized "auto pilot" was the way to go I had some hurdles to overcome in creating new ways to challenge the player. On a personal level I think this game only scratches the surface in what it could be and even though it lacks the polish I wanted to give it I am very satisfied with this for something created in less than 2 days.