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Fishlander: The Fishening

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Fishlander: The Fishening
Fishlander: The Fishening
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Often when I make games, I'll put a movie on. Sometimes this'll be something I've seen before, and I'm screening it for inspiration. More often, though, it'll be something that I haven't seen, and I'm putting it on as part of my ongoing effort to watch 'em all. However, as I'm trying to get something done, I've probably gone and prejudged the movie to be something I can side-eye my way through. Admittedly, this means I'm not giving the flick a fair shake and undermines the overall integrity of my viewed films checklist as the definition for "viewed" loosens, but there are a lot of movies in the world, and it would be difficult to devote the necessary time to really truly absorb each and every one while still expecting to get anything else done. Certain compromises are acceptable, and in some cases even preferable, which is how I found myself watching the final 8 hours of the Twilight Saga during this GM(48). I guess, if I really had to choose, despite all the sulking, I would be on Team Edward, not just because I appreciate other works of Robert Pattinson, especially his sociopathic half-wit in The Rover, but also because the man-to-wolf transformation effect was just so pitiful. It was never reasonable of me to expect intensive body horror a la American Werewolf in London in a vampire series whose vampires lack fangs, but some bone-crunching distension would seem unavoidable when metamorphosing from man to wolf-man, let alone straight-up giant wolf. But there was nothing. After Jacob loses the wig, he's just a barely contained fuzzball masquerading as a shirtless dude. Like the impossibly fast drive from Forks, Washington, to Phoenix, Arizona, in the first Twilight movie broke my willingness to suspend disbelief, this dismissive approach to transformation special effects made it hard for me to care about Jacob's struggle altogether. Also, he was generally pretty petulant. It's hard to say what exact effect this all had on Fishlander: the Fishening. If I were to change one thing about Fishlander, it would be