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Construction Crew

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Construction Crew
Construction Crew
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I learned a few things during this game jam.

Number 1: Developing in comfy seating, such as my bed or a recliner, is a bad idea and a very easy way to fall asleep and lose precious development time.

Number 2: I wasted probably 20-25 jam hours refining the platforming engine, thus leaving no time for additional gameplay features or gameplay balancing (which I'm currently finding as I write this that a lot of people found it really hard... really can't argue with that). Even with all that time spent, there are still plenty of minor, as well as a few major, errors with it. The lesson I learned? Don't program a platforming from scratch within 48 hours.

Programming a platformer engine is a lot like plumbing in a house. No one's gonna come to your house and tell you how elegantly structured and excellent your plumbing is since it's a pretty common expectation for it to function perfectly normal, but they're sure as hell gonna tell you if something doesn't work.

Number 3: As I mentioned earlier, I really need to stop making these games so hard...