Edit: Uh-oh! Looks like a minor programming error that makes the final score on the results screen either increment verrrry slow or not at all snuck into the final version of the game. This doesn't affect gameplay at all, but if you'd rather not sit through that on the original jam version, I've included a link to an updated version where this was the only change.

You are a construction worker tasked with climbing to a certain floor of a corporation building to complete repairs! Only this building is actually pretty tall, and there's lots of drones flying around for some reason. You and your trusty hammer will be able to fend them off, but how far will you make it? Be careful; a hit from a stray drone or falling object can knock you off the tower!

  • Infinite, randomly-generated map
  • Chitter-chattery walkie-talkie
  • Falling hand drills
  • Falling lunch boxes

Controls: Use WASD to move your player left and right and climb ladders. Use the space bar to jump. You can pass through wood platforms by pressing S. Move your mouse and left-click to throw your hammer. Pause using the P or Escape key.

There'll be many different objects falling from the floors above you. All of them will deal damage to you except for the lunchbox, which restores 25% of your health.

You'll also find coins scattered across the tower as you ascend. When you acquire 10 of these coins, right-click to activate your power-up, where you'll recover some health and temporarily gain the ability to throw 4 hammers at once!

I had fun making this game and I hope you have fun playing it. Good luck, jammers!

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  • Peter 🌊 Jørgensen

    86th floor, 12k score.

    Not sure if spawns were random, but it would be great if the game recognized when I was struggling, like when low on health, and spawned a lunch box to help me out.

  • baku

    Dang, that was really fun. But also really hard. I felt like I often just got completely swarmed by drones, nothing I could do to prevent being hit a bunch. At least the powerup helped me a bit.

    I found the text during gameplay a bit distracting, cause I felt the big text box was limiting my view, and I was under too much stress to read the text

    Oh, also I noticed this little bug: if you're climbing a ladder, and move sidewys into a solid platform, sometimes you can continue walking sideways in the air, like this

  • Tero Hannula

    It was nice game, the drones were too hard for me :s And when they came after me, I could not avoid them :/ music was good, and the narative could have been good, but the drones kept shooting, which made really hard to read anything from radio. Maybe little more agile character would have been better, or more manageable enemies? Things fell bit too fast. It was fun game otherwise :)

  • kris24

    Nice game! The best touch was the walkie talkie stuff, it adds a lot of character to the game. The drones did get a little hard to deal with sometimes (some more barrels to hide behind might have helped some) but all the elements worked together quite well.

    Edit: I just noticed the powerup ability thing now, that's a gamechanger, haha. Still difficult but a little more manageable. I also would have liked the ability to full screen, I kept clicking outside the window.

  • Scientixel
    Lv. 6

    Liked playing this. the background music is good and doesn't feel out of place, the sfx are also good. Art is a bit simple, but gameplay before art. The charecter wasn't great to be handled but that's ok. I thought the drones (are they drones?) became a bit uncontrollable at some times while there were none to be seen at other times. I liked the little narrative of extending the floor height, though it's hard to read when you're concentrated on dodging multiple metric tons of equipment falling down.

  • Henry Haak
    Lv. 41

    This was an interesting game. I think my favorite part of it was the stuff coming from the radio, made me chortle a few times.

    I wasn't a huge fan of how the character handled. Based on how fast the lunchboxes fell from the sky and the speed of the drone's bullets, it often felt like there was no way to dodge in some situations. The controls also felt a little stiff to me.

    The art was serviceable, but I think the dialog was where the real charm of the game was.

    The randomly generated level worked well, and I never felt like I was stuck anywhere. I also really appreciate that you added pausing, since I kept clicking out of the window and it was a nice feature that it would automatically pause your game (although a fullscreen button would also have been nice and fixed that issue for me)

    Overall, I think this was a pretty good game. I think there are a lot of places where it could use some improvement, but I had fun with my time with it.

I learned a few things during this game jam.

Number 1: Developing in comfy seating, such as my bed or a recliner, is a bad idea and a very easy way to fall asleep and lose precious development time.

Number 2: I wasted probably 20-25 jam hours refining the platforming engine, thus leaving no time for additional gameplay features or gameplay balancing (which I'm currently finding as I write this that a lot of people found it really hard... really can't argue with that). Even with all that time spent, there are still plenty of minor, as well as a few major, errors with it. The lesson I learned? Don't program a platforming from scratch within 48 hours.

Programming a platformer engine is a lot like plumbing in a house. No one's gonna come to your house and tell you how elegantly structured and excellent your plumbing is since it's a pretty common expectation for it to function perfectly normal, but they're sure as hell gonna tell you if something doesn't work.

Number 3: As I mentioned earlier, I really need to stop making these games so hard...

Result 22nd