The gm(48) is extremely lucky to be partnered with YoYo Games to offer some unbelievable prizes to the winners

The prizes are typically a license for GameMaker. In the past, with previous game jams, the prizes for the winners were a license to a GameMaker: Studio module of the winner's choosing and a physical trophy, seen to the right. Since the 22nd gm(48), and with the release of the GameMaker Studio 2, the winners are now awarded a Desktop license to GameMaker Studio 2 instead.

As a result of winning the competition, the winners are also given a lot of publicity via social media, the subreddit and the website. In addition, YoYo Games features an article on their blog about the winning games.

YoYo Games

Picture by Jan Vorisek

The prizes can not be traded in for money. We are not currently interested in new sponsorships.