Resources for GameMaker Studio 2

Use these free resources from the community to become better at GameMaker Studio 2, game development and game jams
Official resource

Win a 12-month Indie license to GameMaker Studio 2

Want to win a license to GameMaker Studio 2? Read more about how you may do that with this one simple trick!

Official resource

Submit your post-jam game to GXC

Upload directly from GameMaker Studio 2 to GXC and receive special recognition for participating in the game jam.

Official resource

What is a Game Jam Ambassador

They do not have to be Mark Overmars.


BGM48 | Music for gm48 entries

72 pieces of background music for use in your gm48 entries


Sine Waves make your game prettier

Spice up the visuals in your game using sine wave motion.


Expandable Collision System (with slopes)

Create a robust collision system for your platformer (or other types of games).