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BGM48 | Music for gm48 entries

72 pieces of background music for use in your gm48 entries
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Greetings, person probably with ears!

BGM48 is a collection of the music I have made sporadically since 2007 and slightly more regularly since 2018, including almost every track made for my (to date) 10 entries into gm48, as well as many, many more.

There are 72 tracks in BGM48 currently, with more likely to be added as I make more music.

You are free to use any of the music included in your gm48 entries. This includes submitting your entry, as is or with additions/fixes, on websites besides gm48.net, as well as working on your entry post-jam, as long as it remains a freeware game. Please credit me in your entries as Allison James.

For commercial use, and/or use in non-gm48-entries, please donate any amount (above $1 or fees destroy it), either to my PayPal or through the pack's itch.io page directly. Credit as Allison James in these projects is appreciated but not a requirement.

For more information, contact me at nal(at)nalgames(dot)com.

Download BGM48 music from itch.io

Please note: if you can, I'd highly recommend dabbling with music creation for gm48, even if you use the easiest, most basic editor out there. Reluctantly pursuing it more seriously as a skill for gm48 when I realised it demanded original music (with only a couple of small marketplace exceptions) forced my hand but I've loved the results. Magix Music Maker is on sale in Humble Bundles constantly and is a ton of fun to mess around with, with speedy results, but there are plenty of alternatives as well.

Thank you, and happy jamming!

Allison James