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Win a 12-month Indie license to GameMaker Studio 2

Want to win a license to GameMaker Studio 2? Read more about how you may do that with this one simple trick!
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The gm(48) is generously sponsored by YoYo Games, makers of GameMaker Studio 2.

The winners (top three games) will receive Indie license to GameMaker Studio 2 that lasts for 12 months. The Indie license includes exports to Web, Mobile and more. That's HTML5, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Android TV, and tvOS as well as Windows, MacOS and Linux (full list available on the YoYo Games website.)

Should your game place in the top three overall of the bracket, you're considered one of the winners, and your game will be featured in the top of the gm(48) results overview. You will be contacted via e-mail using the email address attached your account.

If your overall score is high enough, you may also be placed in the top 100 leaderboard of the best games, for which there are no prizes, only the highest of recognition for achieving this difficult task.

I wish you all the best of luck in the competition!

A temporary license to GameMaker Studio 2 for exporting to Windows will be available in gm48.net Dashboard when the game jam starts.