Use these free resources from the community to become better at GameMaker Studio, game development and game jams!
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Official guide

How to Participate

A detailed guide on how to participate in the gm(48)

Official guide

Quick Guide

Learn in a few short minutes what there is to participating in the gm(48)

Official resource

Prizes: How they are won

Want to win a license to GameMaker Studio 2? Read more about how you may do that with this resource!

Official resource

How to upload your HTML5 build

Follow the precise instructions on how to prepare your HTML5 build for upload

Official resource Shortcodes Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provides a quick overview of the Shortcode syntax elements

Official guide

How to install Leaderboards

The most difficult part is setting up the YoYo Compiler, and that only needs to be done once!


how to make a Metroidvania in 48-hours!

A guide on how I made some competent full feeling Metroidvania's in only 48 hours!


How to make better games (99.9% success rate)

Guide to making better games. Works just about as well as most hand sanitizers.


The Most Complicated Camera Code

Pretty self explanatory.


The Most Simple Movement Code

Very simple collision code.


Presenting your game: Icon + Description

Aim to stand out from the crowd with a great icon and description


Make your game better in 5 seconds

Seriously, do this 🙏🙏🙏


How to survive your first Jam - Mentally & Physically

A Game Jam, like any competition, takes some level of mental and physical preparation. These are my tips to prepare for a jam.


BGM48 | Music for gm48 entries

72 pieces of background music for use in your gm48 entries