Wondering what it would be like participating in the world's best GameMaker game jam?

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This jam was a fun experience, and I look forward to the next GM48!

JustFire45 | Klehrik Adept
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I usually join Ludum Dare and other local jams, but I believe that GM48 are the ones I enjoy most.

It's a way to see what someone can do in just 48 hours with Game Maker, and the source code is usually available to mess with and to learn about.

JCx64 Designer
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I always have fun in this game jam. Every time I participate I have an amazing time and always push myself to learn something new. The feedback is always super useful, and to any new comers to game development I recommend this game jam!

Josh K. Manager
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I'm not going to lie, this was really hard. Especially because I only had 11 hours to work on it rather than 48 (personal reasons). Working with an advantage is extremely difficult, but very interesting and teaches you a lot about game development. I may of not completely finished my game, or got it where I really wanted it to be, but to me, it was a definite success.

Lurk Games Intermediate
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This is a great game jam. I joined this game jam when i was only 2 weeks into coding, and i enjoyed every second.

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Great way to practice your skills. Creativity through restriction is a great way to come up with good ideas.

The reviews are also good and give fair criticism that helps you improve.

Ivanbje Coder
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This was my first game jam entry.

I wasnt able to wrap up a lot of the mechanics i was hoping for so by the end of the time and the game it was really a mess.

However I learned a lot from this game jam and am looking forward to making further entries, it was a blast.

Batesville757 Intermediate
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Was very fun and learned a lot about common mistakes I make

Maximilian Coder
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This platform is great for seeing what is possible in 48 hours. Making Color Pickers help point out some issues I run into when making games.

SuperGamersGames Coder
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The GM48 is the perfect way for me to rekindle my love for game making. Every time I participate I can see a gradual improvement in my abilities and quality of my games.

CrashB1111 Adept
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This is my first game jam ever and it was quite challenging for me to make a game in such a short time, but i feel like the experience helped me improve my game making ways, it is true that restrictions force us to be creative.

Also i have to say that i am your typical game making hobbyist that has a lot of unfinished engines lying around never to be played by anyone. This is the first time one of my games is out there for everyone to play it, i already got feedback and it feels great.

I encourage everyone to join future game jams, the experience is totally worth the effort.

Alan Coder
The avatar of kris24

Participating in GM48 is a fantastic experience! It's intense but very gratifying to come up with and develop a playable game in such a short time frame. I've learned a lot with each game I've put together for the jam, and the community is super supportive and helpful. And its fun to play everyone else's games too!

kris24 Amateur
The avatar of Raygun

This was the first gm48 I participated in, I went in with the goal to make something playable and pretty, so I really went out of my comfort zone and started using code that I had wanted to try but never had a reason to. What I ended up with a huge skill improvement to both making art, music and advanced code.

my key point to take away from this is... get the core game mechanic working in 12 hours, then 12 hours for art and music. then use left over time for polish, polish, bug fixing, polish and polish

Raygun Novice
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This was my first big game jam. I did not know what to expect from it. I was very anxious to have the theme revealed and see if i could do anything with it. Then, it was like a race. The starting pistol was shot, and the theme was revealed. My original Intention was to stay up all night working on it. While I did stay up rather late, I did not stay up all night. I quickly worked up an idea, and went with it. The first thing to expect from a jam like this: do not expect to make a whole game. Expect a few levels, at most 10. But make those levels intriguing. Do not submit your game early unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it's ready. As a wise man once said, All work is lost due to a lack of a little more. And most Importantly, do not look at other games and say "Hmph, I can do better than that" without contributing yourself. An unfinished game will never be as good as a finished one. Everyone knows how to start making a game. Not a lot of people know how to finish one. This game was an experience to make.

O8PC Coder
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GM48 was my first Game Jam. It was a really awesome first experience. The Game Jam is really neat with nice theme. Will sure participate to the next GM48!

Hikikomori Novice