All important things requires sacrifices.
Sacrifice is the theme for the 23rd gm(48) with 231 votes.

How is the theme selected?

The community suggest themes and vote for the theme through two rounds:

  1. The first round, which runs from 1st July to 8th July, you can both suggest themes and vote for them. You can suggest up to 3 themes.
  2. The second round, which runs from 8th July to 15th July, you can only vote for the 10 themes selected from the first round, and those are the 7 best themes & 3 most controversial.

To organize the rounds and facilitate discussion, there will be a stickied subreddit post on /r/GameMaker for each of the theme rounds.

The theme for the game jam will be announced on this page, the front page, /r/GameMaker and Twitter (via @redditgamemaker and @tehwave ) when the game jam starts.

The previous gm(48) themes were Castles, Parallel Worlds, Create, Lost, Colorless, Permadeath, Evolution, Minimal, One Minute, Guns That Don't shoot Bullets, Stealth, You are the Enemy, Death is Useful, Top Down _____., Endless, Environment as a Weapon, Escape, Space, Only One Level, Risk & Reward and One Health.

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25th Dec 30 Jan 6 Jan 13 Jan 15 Jan 29

The scheduled time is 00:00 GMT±0. The dates are subject to change. The countdown timers are not synchronized, and may be inaccurate.