Defend your reactor from invaders!

In Cyclic Reactor, you place towers to defend a path that loops around your reactor. Enemies will shoot down your towers in an attempt to make a clear line of sight towards your core, so you'll need a strong defense to repel them. With nine different kinds of towers, the possible layouts are almost endless, and a high score table will let you compare how well you do between runs.


All you need to play is the mouse

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

When you upgrade a tower, it heals to full.

Every time an enemy makes a loop around the reactor, it gets stronger. Try to kill enemies quickly!

You'll see the same rounds repeating after a while. Each time it repeats, the enemies become stronger, and a few more enemies are spawned that round.

You can speed up and slow down the speed of the game in the bottom right corner. You can also skip the preparation time between rounds if you don't need it.

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