This is Cable Action.

F12: Change Control Type.
F4: Change Screen Mode.

Keyboard and mouse

A,S: Move Left/Right. W or Space: Jump.
Mouse Left Click: Arm Shot.
Mouse Right Click: Arm Cancel.

X-input (recommend!)

L Stick: Move Left/Right. A Button: Jump.
Mouse Right Trigger: Arm Shot.
Left Trigger: Arm Cancel.

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  • baku

    This could've been quite an enjoyable game, if the grappling hook actually shot out in the direction that I was aiming. Add the fact that you can't see far above you, I often ended up accidentally grappling straight up into spikes or enemies :/

  • Tero Hannula

    Aah, it could have good game, but the how the grabling worked was not for me with the level design. You needed much more faster reflexes and the grappler didn't shoot in the direction I was aiming at. A bit slower could have worked, and more field of view, there were many bad spots where you knew grappler had hooked somewhere, but did not know where, until you sling yourself there. Especially at the top on the right, there were spikes for unfair death. I see the sign, I know I want up, and then there were those spikes and I could not do anything anymore :( This brings us to second problem, the grappler always brought you where it had hit (or even further, if you could slide alongside) without you to able control the pull. Maybe you could release it earlier, so you could have shorter jumps? Otherwise, idea was fun and tweaking these a bit codewise could make this more fun :)

  • Henry Haak
    Lv. 40

    A fun little game, the grappling mechanics were pretty satisfying. I did find that, at least with keyboard/mouse, the direction you point with your mouse isn't really the direction you seem to shoot, which was pretty annoying.

    The level design also could use some work, since it seemed like there were lots of platforms outside of my view that I had to grapple to to progress. It was frustrating to find that I grappled a platform covered in spikes and then died. Personally, I would have made the grapple stop at the edge of the screen so you could only grapple onto stuff that was within the window.

    Still, a fun little game!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3yrs ago

    I had a controller plugged in so I decided to go with it. Not a bad idea. The grappling hook worked as intended and I didn't encounter any bugs which is great. My biggest complaint is the visibility above me. Half the time I felt like I was being slung into the abyss.