The tower defense game where you defend an actual tower

As an evil demon, many adventurers try to climb your evil tower for the privilege of being the one who slays you. Build a maze of traps to keep them away!

How To Play

You can place rooms on top of your tower. Each room has its own kind of trap that will be effective against some kinds of enemies and less so against others.

You can build a room once you have enough money for it. You get money by killing adventurers

As time goes on, adventurers will come more and more quickly, and they will also become stronger. New kinds of adventurer will appear as well!

Let 25 adventurers get to the top of your tower and you'll be slain! A sad state to be for a demon.


Use W/S, Up/Down, the mouse wheel, or put your mouse at the edge of the screen to scroll your tower up and down Press space or click the "Speed Up" button to speed the game up Scroll within the side panel or click the arrows to see more rooms

Know Your Foes!

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Art: Ross Boman

Sound Effects: Henry Haak and Ross Boman

Music: Henry Haak

Code: Henry Haak

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  • WangleLine 🌸

    I believe "R" ups the current wave for some reason. It might just be a debug thing you kept in, I don't know o:

  • Fachewachewa

    That music is so good :D Really cool little tower defense! It's a good concept and it works really well with the theme.

    There's maybe a little too much information at once when you start, and the way you place rooms is a little counter-intuitive, but apart from that it's really good!

  • Nyveon

    It looks like we both had similar approaches to the theme :) I don't have much constructive criticism that hasn't been said already in the other feedbacks, so I'll just say overall well done! It was fun to play, which I think is what matters most in the end.

  • Acr515
    Lv. 4

    Nice game! I got 188 waves, killing 864 adventurers and falling 130 stories.

    I felt as though this game felt pretty complete in comparison to the others. Obviously, I felt like some balancing needed to be done since the turrets are so cheap and versatile that I was able to spam them and survive for a good long while longer. Ultimately, my death was delivered to me by a massive horde of self-sufficient healing enemies that kept perpetually healing themselves to stay alive... which was a little annoying to say the least.

    One piece of feedback I'd have, like many others, was that the art direction seemed a little confused. Some cohesion in that department would've been nice (big pixel enemies, little pixel tower elements, even BIGGER pixel GUI).

    Overall very well done!

  • baku

    Good idea! I just wish the speed up function was a bit faster, or had multiple tiers of speed, cause I thought it still went a little slow >.<

    Minor nitpick, but the art felt uncohesive. It feels like one of you drew some parts, and the other person drew other parts - and your styles are very different. Some things are outlined, some aren't, and different things are at completely different scales.

  • Tero Hannula

    I managed to get 170 waves, 853 adventurers and 129 stores high. It was good idea and pretty much well balanced game, and you could ultimately lose the game, as adventurers grew stronger. Those pesky flying fairies heal themselves faster than I could hurt them by any means ^^" Kwis already did say most of the things which I would have said.

    I enjoyed playing this ^^ I wish you could speed up more, as it was a bit slow, and I don't want to wait again to get to the interesting arts ^^" Also when tower starts getting big, the scrolling could be faster. I liked how you fell down, from the tower, nice touch. Some effect of hitting the ground would have been good add too.

    Just nickpicking here, but the afventurers are always going right. They climb of the stairs on right, and suddenly are on the left. Maybe the stairs could have lead straight up, and then adventurer goes to the left. And next floor goes right etc.

    But yeah, good game :)

    • Henry Haak
      Lv. 41
      Henry Haak Coder of Adventure Climb

      4yrs ago

      Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

      We had the adventurers always going the same way because we thought it would be less confusing visually, and you would always know the direction the adventurers would be going when they entered a room. It also just ended up being easier to code, not having to take into account which direction the room should be facing. Personally, I like to imaging there's a staircase behind the wall of the room that they climb up and to the left before entering again in the door on the left.

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Okay this is a neat idea! I really like how we get to play the dungeon keeper and how our goal is not to climb the tower but prevents the others to do it!

    210 waves, 944 adventurers killed, 145 stairs!

    • A wide variety of enemies. that's cool!
    • The game feels slow at some point, I wish the speed up had several speeds
    • The tower gets incredibly high at some point. I would have liked a way to scroll way faster
    • the bullets don't seem to have significant downsides. For the price of wall spikes, you can have 4 floors of them. The only issue with them is the boss.
    • there are waaaay too many healers. it makes it unfun at some point because no matter the amount of traps you set, they always manage to get up to full speed
    • Mixels! Don't mix different resolutions of pixel art. You have low resolution (the entrance skeleton and towers), bigger sprites and even bigger clouds. Avoid this
    • Speaking of which, I love that there is a funky little receptionist!
    • It's so cool to see you fall the whole tower when you lose! it feels satisfying. (and i like the game over music)

    EDIT: I was disappointed by my bad score so I tried to go further and mostly focused on the swinging rock and turrets (and a bunch of mimics for the bosses)

    It is now wave 410 and I give up. Not because it's hard but because the game is now lagging awfully lol (By the time I managed to scroll back to the top, I reached wave 410...) Considering what it looks like I'm not gonna blame the game aha

    EDIT AFTER YOUR REPLY: balance wise, the turrets aren't the issue. The issue is that the other traps are weak. I'd rather make those stronger. Also not spam the healers, they're way too frustrating at some point cause they heal more than you can damage them with any trap

    • Henry Haak
      Lv. 41
      Henry Haak Coder of Adventure Climb

      4yrs ago

      It's an honor to have someone play so much of our game, thank you! As I've mentioned in reply to a few other feedbacks, the hardest part of making this game was balancing it in time. It certainly didn't help that I got sick over the weekend, so I didn't have the energy to play the game as much as I would have liked.

      I think you've gotten the furthest into the game out of everyone for sure, even further than I or my teammate did, so that number of foes was for sure an unforseen consequence. It's funny to see that much stuff on screen at once though.

      If I were to do it again, I would absolutely nerf the turrets though, they ended up being way more powerful than I intended.


  • Scientixel
    Lv. 6

    I reallt liked this game! The idea of a tower defence game in climbing a tower is new to me, and there is a lot of replayability. The audio was ok, I think that there are enough effects to keep the player invested but not so much that your audio becomes a mess. I do think that the game can be balanced a bit better, some floors (like the turret) are way to good for their costs compared to others.

    If you were to expand this game I'd recommend upgrades for towers and permanent upgrades, like with a prestige system.

    I'm keeping this for when I'm bored at school!

    • Henry Haak
      Lv. 41
      Henry Haak Coder of Adventure Climb

      4yrs ago

      Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It is always really hard balancing a number-heavy game like this in 48 hours, and we made some concessions to get it done in time. Overall I'm happy with the result though, and I'm glad you were too!

  • Kodiqi
    Lv. 6

    I really enjoyed this, cool use of the theme. Graphics and sound are great for 48 hours too.

    Some notes; I think turrets might be a little overpowered, especially because they are so cheap. Maybe enemies could level up faster as it is currently quite easy to stay ahead of them (at wave 100 currently). Either that, or have defences increase in cost, as there is no space limitation like you would get in other TD games. You could also make this into an idle game, with upgrades for the different defences and a prestige system for when the enemies eventually overwhelm you.

    Would definitely play more of this, great work!

    EDIT: They finally got me - The drop at the end was a nice touch.

    • Henry Haak
      Lv. 41
      Henry Haak Coder of Adventure Climb

      4yrs ago

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's really hard to balance a game like this in 48 hours. The turrets were in the awkward position of needing to be able to kill a basic enemy on their own in the first round.

      I like the idea of increasing cost for the rooms, that would be a cool feature.

      Thanks for playing so much of it!