Come join the Corporate Ladder and "Climb the Tower" to reach the top of your business!

How To Play

Each level has their own different play style but it's pretty straight forward and has their own tutorials, however I will provide additional explanation here.

  • Mail Room = Use WASD to move around, get the letters to the correct tube.
  • Copy Machine = Use Q / E to Rotate the Paper and F to Flip it. When the paper is in the correct orientation, press space to copy it. Click on the "Promote" button when you are ready to be tested. Click on the elevator to progress afterwards.
  • Computer = Click on the "Begin" text when ready to start. Once started you must retype each word that pops up on the screen and then press SPACE / ENTER to move onto the next word. Click on the elevator to progress afterwards.
  • President = Read your employees statements and questions and answer appropriately to them. Click on the Yes or No button.
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