Do you have what it takes to defeat the Goblin King?


  • I highly recommend you place an archer as your first unit/upgrade
  • You can place units on platforms. (Click the platform)
  • You can upgrade units and tower segments. (Click on the tower)
  • Touch the gold with your cursor to pick it up.
  • The game ends at round 14 with a bossfight.
  • It's hard and might require a couple tries to get the right combo!
  • Good luck and have fun!


  • Sprite Exploder by Mfzz99
  • Font: Manaspace by codeman38
  • Otherwise: all art, sound and programming made by me.
  • Sound: BFXR & FLStudio Trial
  • Art: Paint .NET
  • Source code free to dowload. [Warning: It's a mess]

Special thanks to Diego (Mage) and Alex (Rock thrower) for giving me moral support and helping test out the final version :)

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Goblintower was my first game jam, ever. I had hardly even finished a game to completion before that. The weekend of the jam the city I live in (Santiago) began falling into chaos with riots, fires and the military out on the streets, but despite all that I had a great time with my first ever game jam, and learnt a lot in the process.

My greatest lesson was in time management, as I had no measure of what I was capable of making in 48 hours. Aside from the time constraint, I had the most difficulty with playtesting and balancing the game (and that definitely shows in the final product).

I'm really happy with 14th place, it may not be the best but for my first game jam ever I am very proud of what I accomplished.

Hopefully I can keep participating in future game jams and keep on learning :)

Result 14th