This is a solo project. Although some graphical polish is missing, I think the exciting couch co-op gameplay is well worth your time.

It is about a group of Anti virus defenders protecting their cyber core from network invasions, but all in a top-down zombie survival rampage.

Featuring 4 distinct classes with unique abilities and weapons, and action-packed wave arena combat, this game makes use of the 29th GM48 challenge theme by incorporating a colored-phase system that is sure to keep you on your toes by constantly switching up gameplay and keeping a high risk reward situation with ammo. It may be obvious what some of the colored phases are, but I have intentionally left some of them vague. See how many waves or zombies... i mean Viruses you can beat!


Up to 4 players using only XInput controllers (I may release a more polished LAN version soon, featuring more input types. Sorry but this was the best I could manage under the time constraints.)




LEFT BUMPER: Ability 2



X: Reload

A: Revive downed player (must be adjacent to downed player)

Thanks for playing!

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  • Peter 🌊 Jørgensen

    Co-op games are really rare for a game jam. It's just difficult to get many players to play it, and they are not really tuned for solo gameplay either. I didn't anyone to play with, but I'm sure that it would have been more exciting with more players.

    Making the game controller-only excludes a lot of players, unfortunately.

    That and the co-op style really limits how many players your entry will have.

    I did enjoy playing it. Thanks for participating!

  • GooseNinja
    Lv. 3

    Unfortunately, I don't have a controller to play this game. It would be sweet if you could put up a video of the game :) I'm very curious about it

    • Ratchet
      Lv. 8
      Ratchet Developer of If It's Red, You're Dead

      5yrs ago

      Sure, I can set up a 4-player game and film it to show you more, I think it's actually a pretty fun game mechanically with a group.

      I made an updated version outside of the game jam with bug fixes, QoL, and a little more variance that I'm using as a prototype for an online game in the future.

  • RetroJet
    Lv. 3

    I think there is something wrong with the game. Like when I press play I automatically die and it ends.

    Color War

    Color War

    • Ratchet
      Lv. 8
      Ratchet Developer of If It's Red, You're Dead

      5yrs ago

      It can only be used with a controller, Im actively working on another version that will hopefully be more presentable at least