Medieval Pseudo-Coding Action!

Join forces with a hero's fairy to help him out of the dungeon. Give him a list of commands and watch and see if he's smart enough to figure out. Keep it simple, he's suffering from a head wound!

Collect all the apples as a bonus challenge!


Type commands with your keyboard. Press enter to submit them. When you've built up your command list the way you want it, type and submit "go" to see how well you did. Click on a command to remove it. Commands that don't make any sense to the hero are ignored.

Use the mouse to click on menu items and to discover the name of objects.


turn / face / look dir - turn to face a given direction

walk / move dir - walk one tile towards a direction

jump dir - jump two tiles towards a direction

wait / stop - do nothing

wait for / stop at obj - do the previous command until obj is seen

take / pickup / grab item - put item into inventory

use - use current item in inventory with object one tile ahead

repeat num - repeat the previous command num of times


Hover your mouse over your character every level for a hint about how to proceed. Check the command list above for detailed explanations of how each command works.

Known Issues
  • lol gates don't block you at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whoops, have fun (you can still pretend they do though)

  • don't use repeat after a jump

  • tutorial repeats on first stage if the stage is failed, sorry

  • jumping after landing in water crashes the game

If you like the game and want a better experience,

please try the bug-fixed version on!

      Coding ~ Vinnie
         Art ~ Bacon
       Music ~ Buttons

  Vocal Work ~ Ethan Harp, voice actor for an award winning video game
Play Testing ~ Wade
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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Interesting concept, but I'll be honest, it's kind of exhausting. Maybe it starts feeling like a chore at some point. It feels a bit too "literal".

    I'll compare it to those text adventures: When facing those , usually you don't see much, but have options that are more in link to a narration. In the case of that game, you have to do everything that you see already, which feels a bit strange because it feels like you're doing too much for simple actions. In an adventure game, you'd have interesting options not relying on your sight (for example, open door, look through the lock, etc)

    It's a bit hard to explain with words, but my point is that it didn't feel necessary as it just seemed to slow everything down. It has some slight feel of frustration as you'd be thinking "i wish i could just move".

    That said, it's not uninteresting. The puzzles force you to think ahead and correctly calculate (which is also part of the hassle, I don't mind puzzles but I consider overly complex movement mechanics like this one to be especially brain effortful). The flavour is also nice, it's cool to see the mechanics explained(/aknowledged) by the narration. That's a nice touch.

    Overall, the game is well polished, has much content. I just think the mechanic is pretty inconvenient more than I find it necessary. It's cool nonetheless.

    Dream On

    Dream On

    • Vinnie_V
      Vinnie_V Coder of Amnesia Knight

      4yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback! I don't think I would change it to work more like a text adventure game, as it's really meant to be more strictly a puzzle game built around constructing scripts to get your character to move and react as needed for the room, but I did indeed have other plans to help make that a more fun process that didn't quite make it in in time for the jam. It could benefit more from a GUI approach to dragging and constructing the commands, rather than writing them out.

  • gary butler
    Lv. 6

    Not as much fun as I expected it to be given the concept, but close, just a little more polish and you've got me. Maybe a drag and drop list of commands? Maybe if my knight walked through the door in the tutorial, instead of through the door frame. . . I'm sure the version has the extra something I was looking for.

    GANs Realm

    GANs Realm

    • Vinnie_V
      Vinnie_V Coder of Amnesia Knight

      4yrs ago

      I had considered a drag-and-drop list of commands similar to something like Scratch if I wanted to try a mobile port. I definitely would have liked to expand on the commands help section, maybe with a full fledged manual with examples and such that you could view in-game. And yeah, I think some of the door frames were put on the wrong layer. I'm still getting used to Game Maker Studio 2's default layering system in the rooms versus the old depth system. Anyways, thanks for playing!

  • Juzek
    Lv. 8

    Interesting game! I like the programming aspect and thought behind it. this was a very original idea. there is a lot of good level design, and limiting the lines of code could make it tough. Good puzzle game and nice art. I like the premise of needing specific directions

  • Swisspick
    Lv. 9

    The game is quite fun, if you ignore the redo of the "code" after every failure. The pixelart is fairly enjoyable, only the text font was kinda hard to read for me. As some already said were the off center doors quite confusing

    A very interesting concept and well executed, not exacly my type but i can see its qualities :)

  • WinuX
    Lv. 15

    Good idea, but it was a bit of a chore to rewrite anything when you died.
    The art is pretty good and the music is good too.

    I would allow the player to keep his "code" when he dies, it would make the game much more fun.

  • Simon Milfred
    Lv. 17

    Quite fun idea and well executed :D As mentioned by @Pol L it is a slight annoyance to have to rewrite everything after a level is failed. Also the off-center doors confused @Lone and me a lot, as it made it hard to instantly see how many tiles constituted a movement. But generally the idea was very cool - good job!

  • Pol L.
    Lv. 4

    AMAZING ! I just looooooved the conept, the art, the music and aaaaaaaaaall this game :D But a great improvement would be to keep your code between 'death' screens. But seriously I enjoyed a lot !

    Egg Friend

    Egg Friend

    • Vinnie_V
      Vinnie_V Coder of Amnesia Knight

      4yrs ago

      Thank you so very much! I'm glad you enjoyed playing. :)

      And yes, I very much agree about the code staying after death. I added that in to the version, linked in the game's description. While everyone should definitely rate based on the submitted version, I strongly suggest people check that version out if they liked the game for a version with less bugs and a few tiny quality-of-life adjustments, like the one you suggested.