*It’s inconsistently difficult and crashes when you come to the dragon.

  • Move - W, A, S and D
  • Shoot - Left mouse button (Click or hold)
  • Map - M / Escape
  • Fullscreen - F4
  • Reastart - R

  • Programming - Ivar
  • Music - Knutone and tätofågel
  • Artwork - Knutone and Fred Huge thanks to ”llemeliell” for drawing the title screen art! It’s much better than the game deserves.

Post-jam version:

We will release a post-jam version after the jam has ended. It will include:

  • Better level design
  • Bugfixes
  • Sound effects (and a Little bit of voice acting)
  • EPIC boss!
  • Balance after feedback

alt text Drog
Background: A frog and a dog had a child…
Attcak: Runs towards you if you come too close.
Speed: 7
Damage: 1
Difficulty rating: 4/10
—————————— ————————————————————————————————————
alt text Monsterorb
Background: When Dragons turn one year old, their eyes fall off to be replaced with new ones.
Attcak: Shoots large balls of blood towards you.
Speed: 1.5
Damage: 1
Difficulty rating: 7/10
—————————— ————————————————————————————————————
alt text Hoop-Loop
Background: The ghost of a dead wizzard have possesed a magic ring.
Attcak: Shoots magic in eight directions.
Speed: 3
Damage: 1
Difficulty rating: 10/10
—————————— ————————————————————————————————————
alt text Grab-Stab
Background: Some squids learned how to fly. And grab enemies.
Attcak: Grabs you and prevents you from moving
Speed: 8
Damage: 0
Difficulty rating: 3/10
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  • Fachewachewa

    Cool music!

    I don't have much to add to what other have said, but I feel like you didn't really use the fact that you control two character. Even something simple like pressure plates would have been a nice addition. Here the character is basically hiding while the ghost is attacking.

    A Legend

    A Legend

  • Juzek
    Lv. 8

    Great game! I liked the pace the characters moved at, I felt skilled when dodged my first eyeball bullet. the art while simple was consistent and gave the game a cohesive feel. The music was great and also matched the vibe of the game.

    Only suggestion is to keep the door you entered a room unlocked to run away to if you get surprised even if there are enemies still in the room.

    Only complaint is that the skull can slip beyond the door, and get stuck on the outside of the room.

      Lv. 36
      C0DERP1GLET Coder of Eternal Exploration

      4yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback! Good to know your perspective.

      I won't implement your suggestion to the post-jam version though. I think the problems will be fixed by changing enemy positions and behavior instead.

  • QuibbleCoatl
    Lv. 11

    The game starts out frustrating due to he difficulty however, as I quickly learned to become more cautious and hide behind cover while sending out my companion it actually became quite a fun game. I managed to get the the boss door but sadly the game crashed. (Is it possible to fight the boss at all, like some sort of way to avoid the bug? or will it always crash? I kind of want to see it now.)

    Some criticisms would be.

    • There really needs to be more health drops. And the ones in the game that you do have should really be a full heal.
    • A few of the rooms have too many enemies directly in front of the area you appear making the death feel frustrating.
    • The sort of recoil like effect you have going on when shooting is a bit weird and feels unnecessary, especially when there is no sound when firing.
    • I feel the game and player moves too fast, it'd feel a bit better if everything slowed down just a bit.

    What I enjoyed

    • Good enemy variety, nice seeing new things added each floor
    • The powerups were interesting from what I saw, not sure how many there are though. The shield powerup is a little overpowered ha, that's what got me to the boss door fairly easily.
    • Nice variety in music and sprites too, which makes things feel fresh even if the level design doesn't change massively.
    • randomness on the floor layout of the dungeons is nice.

    Difficulty problems aside, it's a fun game and I enjoyed playing it. It's a shame I couldn't see the boss.

      Lv. 36
      C0DERP1GLET Coder of Eternal Exploration

      4yrs ago

      Wow, you completed the game. And you wrote an awesome response too. That must have taken hours. We really appreciate your support.

      I’m pretty sure there is no way to avoid the bug unless you are a hardcore hacker. I would recommend you to wait for the post jam version. We will also fix a lot of other problems (see description).

      Oh, there is no recoil effect. It’s just the camera that switches focus rapidly. It disappeares if you hold down the left mouse button to shoot automatically (which isn’t mentioned in the controls that you can).

      Sorry for late Reply.

  • Luke No Further
    Lv. 14

    Nice music - particularly on level 2 - Really SoundBlaster 16-y 👌

    I couldn't tell if this was rogue-like? If it was - well done! That must have been quite a lot of work.

    I would say getting shot at a lot by stuff off screen that you couldn't fire back at was pretty tricky - doing a point_distance check from the player before deciding to shoot would have made those disk enemies on level 2 easier and more fun to fight.

    I liked how the ghost was the real star of the game and the wizard was just basically ducking for cover until all the enemies were dead! Would be nice to have the wizard be able to do some stuff (like pulling levers or something) so that the ghostie didn't have to pick up all the slack.

    Lone Lunes

    Lone Lunes

      Lv. 36
      C0DERP1GLET Coder of Eternal Exploration

      4yrs ago

      Yep, this is our attempt to make a Rouge like. But we felt we needed to add so much content that we didn’t have the time for balance, polishing or to check the difficulty. We have made an EPIC boss battle at the end of the third floor but I don’t think anyone has enough determination to get there. The entrance to the boss is also kind of broken. :(

      We will prioritize our time next round.

  • llemeliell
    Lv. 15

    Yeet dabs

    The best part of the game is definitely the titlescreen, you should let the artist draw more stuff. Not only because she is an amazing person and artist, but because she is a god.

    /definitely not Emelie