Being lost in the woods can be scary, even more so if you are blind! Luckily you have your seeing eye dog there to help! Or ARE the seeing eye dog there to help. In this game, you are a dog named Arlo, there to help your owner get through the treacherous woods and back to the safety of a warm cabin. You need to help him find food, supply him with crafting materials, and protect him from the many dangers of the woods.

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    Lv. 36

    Is this pre redered 3D Graphics? That's cool! They also well animated.

    Crystal clear use of the theme. It fits as good as data structures in a for loops.

    The music and soundeffect are really nice, too.

    The Controls feels very nice. I like that you can play it with just one hand. Though the pathfinding system sometimes doesn't behave as expected and the camera movement could also be better.

    It feels a bit meaningless as there is no goal or reward for exploring. I would have added that if I had the time.

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67
    • I like that you play the companion and that you help your owner.
    • the field is waaaaay too big imo, it takes a while to get somewhere...
    • specially because the owner is soooooooo slow. While protecting it against snake is fine, when you need to do a somewhat long trip, it gets boring because you always need to wait for him. You can bark from far, but it doesn't feel like he responds well, or he got stuck somewhere but in any case, nothing seems to be happening. It would be helpful to have some kind of indicator of his position. Perhaps even the distance
    • because everything looks the same, it's rather difficult to know where you're going (especially since it's so big). It would have helped tremendously to have interest points (an element of background that differs from the rest, for example and empty backpack that you can identify to know where you are)
    • The holding/barking mechanics feels awkward at times. Sometimes you wanna just catch a rabbit but a stick gets on the way. So you bark to drop the stick... which calls the owner, that you wanted to stay in a specific place.
    • Got stuck in some sort of state where i spontaneously got to restart from the last save. I assume it's because of snakes, but you don't know why your character dies and before i could see any snakes, it just started over. It would have been nice to identify the source of what kills the owner to properly react/plan/adjust.
    • The music feels somewhat inappropriate. Especially when it's indicating you that the owner is gonna die soon. It doesn't transmit much tension so it doesn't feel like an "urgent" matter

    (but yeah, gamejam, time restrictions etc)

    Dream On

    Dream On

  • s7stringmadness
    Lv. 4

    Interesting game! I particularly thought the art and sound were good. The way the song reflected what was happening was really nice. I had a bit of a hard time figuring out recipes, I only discovered the campfire and the walking stick. I think the game would benefit from a little bit more to do. Overall it was a pretty cool little game with nice aesthetics. Good job!