The asymmetric couch-coop game, with simple cyberpunk aesthetics.

Sadly, gamepads are not supported :(


Sometimes a job goes horribly wrong... Stuck in a virtual world, both of you can only run.


  • Runners got one same pool of energy, but separate health points.

  • A fighter has increased health points and able to detect mines and crawlers.

  • Hacker detects nodes of energy and health, and able to hack them.

  • If one of the hackers lose all health or energy reaches zero, the game is over.

"ver 1.2"
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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Nice concept, challenging as a single player - you shouldn't expect people to have friends just laying around for a game jam, it's a limited time to vote(but I mean... we kinda need to be able to play the games so I'll consider that the game was meant to be a difficult single player game)

    Fun overall!

    Dream On

    Dream On

  • StereoJunkie
    Lv. 4

    Cool concept, fun to play, great music, but it is hard af to play single player! xD

    Besides that, nice visuals for the menu/opening screen. Would have been nice to have a bit more polished looking game inside the actual game because you hyped it up with that intro.

    Overal pretty good but hard to play.

  • Tero Hannula

    Hi, I liked the idea after I got grasp of it. Didn't read anything first ^^" I played this alone so it was bit challenging first, but after I found the patterns of enemies etc. I could do start running better.

    Intro screen was nice and gave good first impression, too bad you had otherwise rather simplistic visuals, tough it is in virtual world and maybe too much of detail could have harmed gameplay (if you are playing alone).

    After all, I managed to get 20400 points before my energy ran out, which brings the one real complaint :D Blocks disappear too early on bottom screen, and my hacking got interrupted. I would have otherwise got more energy and could have continued the run.

    But overall, no gamebreaking bugs etc., and I liked this entry, as it was playeable alone though still co-op and multiplayer. (Didn't need companion hahaa! :D)

    • ckau
      Lv. 10
      ckau Developer of Runners

      5yrs ago


      Yeah, I've written in a post-mortem (guess it'll be available after voting ends) that I've had major time-constraint and was forced to develop "fast or nothing". So simplest possible art and fx was the only way to make it happen. I think adding more noise would benefit to prevent players from peeking each other screen - the main idea of the game is cooperation as led and lead pair, so that's kinda crucial to the design. On another hand, I've decided to let single player session be a thing, and I'm mainly trying to prevent myself preventing players to do what they want, so... Yeah, simplest art and no noise was perfect middle grounds for that.

      On blocks and stuff - yep, hacker gotta hack as early (close to the top or middle of the screen) as possible, and that's where fighter plays its role. He may "tank" some damage from crawlers that spawn on top of the screen to allow the hacker to get new spawned energy nodes. More on hacking - in the post-mortem, there's small trick :)

      Anyways, thanks for the feedback! I was away for quite some time now, and it feels good to come back to gm48 :)

  • Simon Milfred
    Lv. 17

    Nice idea, though it could be much clearer communicated what to do. But it was a nice, different take on it all - and luckily I had someone to play with ^_^

  • 89o
    Lv. 18

    Decent game. Rating 8 on everything and 9 on art. Nice. It's actually quite a challenge to play by yourself.

Long time no see?

So, yeah. I've just decided to get back on this and dedicate my whole weekend for the GM48. Less did I know that my teammate had a birthday on a Sunday, and he was very into bringing me to local airsoft game with him and our others teammates...

Somehow, development went just perfect. I've spent whole Saturday programming, and postponed art and music back to Sunday. After shooting with my mates, I've had ~4 hours to take a shower and finish the game, before the birthday party. So I've gone super fast on making title screen art, composing some music and generating fx. I've left only one hour to wrap it all up - so I did some playtesting, and figured that game missed several small features to make the experience more polished.

And so it happened - I've programmed some easings and additional logic, simple visual effects, zipped everything and uploaded. Just in time to grab some snacks, pick up my gf and go to the birthday party. Couple of beers just what I needed after two hardcore weekends of full concentration and hard work :)


I've read somewhere that guys are more focused on seen the future, the road, and the dangers it has. Gals are otherwise, more about existing in current time and space, and using existing resources. Somehow after "Companion" theme was announced, this instantly come up to my mind - and that's how I've come up with the basic concept of the game.

I've quickly write down two main pillars - "Asymmetric coop game", as to keep the idea, "Simple cyberpunk aesthetics" as something I could draw and compose music for fast. Also I've figured that having one pool of energy but separate health bars would be neet idea, as to add some variability to the player's choice making.

Before the upload, I've figured that when energy drops below one definite value, the game is over because there's not enough time left to hack the energy node. So I've added some additional rules, slowing energy drop when hacking on low energy levels. "Last chances" feels good.

Result 20th