Mirror Buddy

Make your way through each puzzle with your Mirror Buddy, who can teleport you between two different worlds. Flip switches and avoid spikes to get him to the portal.

Walkthrough / Gameplay video


AD / Left Right arrow keys - move

W / Up arrow key - jump

S / Down arrow key - grab/release/throw mirror buddy or flip lever.

Spacebar - Change world (only while holding mirror buddy)

Escape - Pause/resume

R - restart

Q - quit to menu (only while pausing)

This game is made for the GM(48) as well as Geta Game Jam #5.

Itch.io page

I recommend using the itch.io version as it has a few bug fixes. I also included it here as a MacOS port (it's really Windows)

The themes are: Companion and Two Worlds.

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  • Spikely7000
    Lv. 6

    Awesome game. There's some true potential if you expound.

    Octo Plug

    Octo Plug

  • Andrew
    Lv. 4

    Wow, this was a really solid little puzzle game! I mostly expect short gameplay system demos from a 48 hour game jam, but you did a really good job of finishing up your game with a decent amount of levels! Also, the levels did a good job of teaching the puzzle mechanics slowly, which I appreciated.

    Occasionally the character would lose the mirror buddy through jumping and moving around, even though I didn't press the "drop" button.

  • Tero Hannula

    Hi there, first of all music was good. Pixel art was a bit on simple side, but colors matched and I liked that background wasn't just plain color, but it had some noise to better appeal the eye. Idea was good, you have to have your buddy to travel between worlds and solve the puzzles. Player breathing was nice little detail, though nothing to be proud of ^^

    Like others, I experienced game crashing glitch or something: (https://imgur.com/JfwS8s5), I think I was trying to pick buddy and open the gate at the same time. Also this moment here shows a bit poor level design because of controls; you throw buddy with same button you pull lever, with little room you it annoys player. A bit more platform here on the right, or assigning different button for picking/throwing buddy and interacting other stuff could fix it. The game crash wasn't luckily big of a problem, as you had complete level selection from the beginning, so I could quickly return to point where I was. Also as Westfud mentioned, buddy slides off from hands, which started to bug me a bit.

    Overall game was well done, good music and visual, puzzles were good. I think you didn't have time to fully explore the possiblities of two-world system, but you got theme there. Well done :)

    • 89o
      Lv. 18
      89o Coder of Mirror Buddy

      5yrs ago

      Hold on...

      You can walk inside the "black walls"- they're just an indicator to show what walls are in the other dimension. Guess I should've made that clearer. The Mirror Buddy shouldn't slide off; I fixed that in the lastest update (did you play the earlier version?) Also yeah, I guess it would've been a good idea to assign different buttons for levers and MB. And finally, I'm not good at inventing puzzles, and overall I hate level design, so I'm glad to have finished this much of the game.

      Thanks you so much for the feedback!

  • Luke Peña
    Lv. 4

    The game crashed for me pretty hard... I saw your comment where you said you fixed the bugs. It happened after I switched to the purple version of the first level. It just froze and needed the process to be terminated to stop. :/

  • Westwud
    Lv. 5

    Good game! I love the atmosphere, the music and sounds fit the game perfectly. I finished all the levels (wish there was more).

    My only complain is the stability of the game. Mirror buddy often slides out of your hands if you try to jump on blocks, also if you hold left/right next to a wall. When you release him, he bounces on your head and it's hard to pick him up again.

    You can push mirror buddy into a wall and he slides up, making the level impossible to complete (not sure if a bug or feature, but I figured I should mention it, it's a puzzle game after all and we can restart or fall out of the room).

    On the intro level I managed to separate mirror buddy and the player between the middle platform which lead to the game freezing (Image). I couldn't restart, open the menu or close the game, had to force close it from task manager.

    • 89o
      Lv. 18
      89o Coder of Mirror Buddy

      5yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback. I always have a problem with time managment and stability. I'll make an update where I will fix these bugs.

      Edit: I fixed them. The new version is on itch.io as well as here as the MacOS port (it's actually Windows). The game doesn't freeze anymore and I got rid of the annoying mirror buddy falling off.