Time's Up

You have 60 seconds... the clock is ticking!

Use your mouse and keyboard to blaze through 7 exciting mini-games, how many can you complete before your time's up?

gif recorded with ScreenToGif, thanks Wymandude!

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  • Tero Hannula

    13 200 was my best, third time. Nice package, overall it was really polished game, smooth and was well executed. Good music, which fitted the game.

    Here are things which would have needed some work (others have also said)

    • Swatting the flys was bit too difficult (too small hitbox and unpredictable).
    • I had impossible jump on one obstacle run (had to jump, and next obstacle from ceiling was too close and hanging too low).
    • Flying the rocket, the controls were not intuitive. Maybe have the view rotate with the rocket?
    • All minigames were not how fast you could complete them, but can you complete them with fixed time. You cannot try outrun the time. Maybe if minigames would repeat until you complete it, or give player option to skip with penalty (score or time, not both).
    • Sorting the colors, maybe have on top small circles to represent the color of stacks? I have monitor with bad contrast, so I did not notice difference between the grays, and did not understand why I failed (it could have been, that player decides which side colors go by where first goes, so you cannot fail with first move)
  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    17200! Was my best.

    • Sometimes, you lose without knowing why, as if the time you got to do the mini-game got cut in half. I once had a failure on the Three-card Montee because I took one second before clicking on the bowl...
    • The game should let you finish the last game, for good measures. Not game over you in the middle of it :p
    • The game lacks sound effects! It would have made the mini-games more unique.
    • Visuals are a bit too simple imo, but it still is amazing how you managed to make several mini-games in the 48 hours, which is still impressive


    • The star collecting level is terrible cause you never know which arrow will make you go to which direction. As a result, you often fail. Hard to get into. Also an unfair game because it is the one that takes the most time to complete because sometimes it keeps turning before letting you get the last star.
    • The obstacle jump is sometimes too tight, making you miss a jump (or it's the controls, idk)
    • The fly swatting is sometimes too random and easy to miss.

    My favourite game are the white/black stack game and the shaker game.

    The visuals, although too simple, are coherent and give an overall balanced feel (all mini games seem to belong in the same world). The color palette is small, but are nice choices of colors. (although I would have prefered something else than pure black and white) A short game, but a pretty satisfying one. It's a good idea to have the theme go with a wario-ware-like!

    • kbjwes77
      Lv. 19
      kbjwes77 Composer of Time's Up

      5yrs ago

      Thank you for the detailed response, you obviously spent some time playing and typing this up, I definitely appreciate it.

      So the stacking/shaking minigames were my favorites as well. Turns out, after I had already finished making more than half of the minigames, I decided to change things over to a time-based race instead of lives-based survival game for those sweet, sweet theme points. Unfortunately, this meant some games were, for lack of a better term, wastes of time. These games that I left in for the sake of gameplay and variety had a side effect of being unable to complete them faster than a minimum time (shell game has to shuffle, player must pass all obstacles in the jumping game). This was not optimal, but I thought leaving in only the time-sensitive games would have made the game too predictable. I chose quantity over qaulity. Poor design and faulty planning on my part, but it probably wasn't the worst thing I could have done.

      I rest the blame for the other issues on lack of time and planning. I would have improved the art assets and included sound effects, resolved balancing issues and bugs... You know, the usual suspects that get overlooked under the constraints of time. So for what it's worth, I'll take the experience and learn from it, simple as that!

      Again, thanks for the incredible feedback; sorry you had to read all of this but you gave me such a detailed critique that I felt it warranted an equally thought out reply. May the next GM48 bring even better games!

  • Lone
    Lv. 9

    I'm really into puzzles and brain games, so I like this little game. I didn't get the level with the stars. It was over way too fast for me, but other than that it felt like a really good brain exercise. Good job :)

    • kbjwes77
      Lv. 19
      kbjwes77 Composer of Time's Up

      5yrs ago

      Glad you liked it! Better planning would have helped, I ran short on time and as you can see the instructions suffered, they ended up being quite vague. If I could change anything, that would be the first, hope you had fun anyways! Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

    Lv. 36

    I got 17200 points!

    Very cool 3D logo. The minigames were fun but it felt unfair the first time I tried to play them. It took me some time to learn how they worked. Very fun and unique jam entry overall.

    You've also chosen the right color pallet for a community where almost everyone has used game maker studio.

    EDIT: I played again and got to 20800 (13/13).

    If you don't believe me: https://imgur.com/odiLjMQ

    • kbjwes77
      Lv. 19
      kbjwes77 Composer of Time's Up

      5yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback! I wish I had made the instructions more detailed, the controls were quite vague, glad you gave the game a chance and figured them out. As it turns out, I have only ever gotten up to about 15000 points.. how the hell did you get 17200 points, that's really impressive! Appreciate your kind words, good to see you had fun!

  • Ellian
    Lv. 6

    8200 pts! Not great... ahah

    It's amazing that you've been able to make a Warioware style game in such a short time. Fantastic work. All minigame felt solidly programmed; although some like the star catching one, or the chip sorting weren't very obvious at first in their control. But overall, stellarwork! Amazing.

    • kbjwes77
      Lv. 19
      kbjwes77 Composer of Time's Up

      5yrs ago

      First of all, thank you for the honest feedback. As I've said before, I planned on writing in better instructions for each game, but I ran out of time due to poor planning. Also, that's not a bad highscore! Had some family members try it and they couldn't get past more than one minigame without screwing up. I appreciate the feedback all the same, but more importantly thanks for playing!

  • Karoc
    Lv. 2

    This is a concept I would have liked to do myself! Some games a complex and some are simple (like the shaking). Good mix!

    • kbjwes77
      Lv. 19
      kbjwes77 Composer of Time's Up

      5yrs ago

      I grew up playing games like Warioware and 4 Second Frenzy, I had to make one of those types of games eventually! Appreciate the kind words, and thanks for playing!

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Nice, fun, clever mini-games! I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/sIqVaQkuHIo

  • Fachewachewa

    I got like 10k at my 3rd try. Because of time (and space), I'm gonna focus on the design part. The rest of the game was fine (I just think the visuals needed some work, I'm ok with the minimalist stuff, but it needed at least to get some personality or a kind of theme)

    The sorting minigame and the "get the star" one were really confusing for some reason. There's no indications to tell you if the sorting starts at the top or bottom, and the fail state doesn't really tell you why you failed.

    It took me like 5 attempts to understand how to control the ship. I think you should have only showed what controls were used for the game, as the point isn't to guess which button does what. (I mean, only show up arrow for the jumps, left and right for the ship, etc)

    The game being on a global timer seems a little unfair too, since there are levels where you have to wait without being able to speed the thing up, it's just a matter of "you did it or not" (ball, stars, jump). On that note, you can start shaking before the timer for the minigame starts.

    It almost seems like you're better off throwing on some minigames have more time for others, especially if you messed up before and you don't have a combo.



    • kbjwes77
      Lv. 19
      kbjwes77 Composer of Time's Up

      5yrs ago

      This is a great analysis, because you picked apart all of the things I would have redone if I had more time/planned better.

      Initially it was a lives based game, where time didn't matter, but I felt that didn't fit the "countdown" theme as well. That's where the ball/shells/stars/jumping mini-games came from. The switch probably helped to earn a few theme points, but made it less focused.

      The controls popup being kind of vague, again that was time. If I had more time, etc. The instructions for the stacking mini-game were vague, I thought the stars one was a little better explained than the stacking one but still, I get why you were confused.

      Next time around, I hope to have a more focused game with better instructions. Thanks for the detailed criticism, you confirmed my suspicions that I need to work on communication with the player, and design in general. As for the art, it doesn't get much better than this, none of my skill points are in artistry, just programming and music... 😩

  • RedSeries
    Lv. 3

    A fun set of minigames with appealing graphics and sound. I failed pretty miserably, but that is no fault of the game's. I am just bad. Enjoyed myself, nonetheless! Keep up the good work!



  • Adrien Dittrick
    Lv. 11

    7900 points :)

    A very nice collection of minigames.

    The "swat the flies" game was super hard though X)

  • adrian09_01
    Lv. 4

    Nice idea. Reminds me of Warioware, but with a timer for the full game set instead of per game