Fizix is a game about a cube hopelessly trying to escape the dungeon, before he breaks apart. Is there any escape? Or did we just make some levels withot any actual ending, just a boot to the menu??? Or maybe it crashes. Download and find out!

This is our first game jam game, We hope you enjoy it! We are aware of a lot of bugs we just werent able to fix.

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  • Tero Hannula

    I think cube was bit too bouncy, which lead to long waiting time before you could jump again. Game would be more pleasant if this was done. I would say this was pretty average, not bad. I liked how one level was GMS2 logo ^^

  • OnTheMatter
    Lv. 8

    I always like these sorts of games, where it's just a series of levels you need to complete. It's a bit unforgiving at times but at least it has a lot of levels to get through, I can always appreciate quantity in a gamejam entry. Something I'd recommend is to have the character's sprite change to one that is a bit cheerier upon completing a level, as the character usually just looks sad and/or pained, it's just very jarring with the completion music.

    I'd also recommend adding some kind of indicator for how much mouse cursor distance is going to impact launch distance, as, in addition to accidently realizing that mouse distance matters, it seemed I had to just guess and check.

    I don't have too much more to add as Jackaroo echoes much of the same sentiments as I have (and then some), although I did run into this error after I finished the final level before the "gauntlet", I thought it'd be worth sharing (luckily it seems like a fairly straightforward fix) :

    ERROR in action number 1 of Alarm Event for alarm 0 for object oPlayer2:

    Moving to next room after the last room. at gml_Object_oPlayer2_Alarm_0

    gml_Object_oPlayer2_Alarm_0 (line -1)

    Overall, I had fun with the entry, although it certainly could use some additional polish. Regardless, great job!

    • Ron Sivan
      Lv. 2


      I agree with your points though, I couldve probably changed the sprite. The "How long you were going to move" was too hard to add, since it was my first time messing with physics and predicting them (especially with gm's.. interesting at times engine) was too hard for the timeframe.

      • OnTheMatter
        Lv. 8

        Prediction actually wasn't what I was thinking of, my bad. An arrow extending from the player which changes color (in much the same way as the jump chargeup bar does) based on distance from the player to the mouse would work just fine, as you could refer to the colors to have a better guess as to how far your jump is going to be and let players know more explicitly that this is also an aspect of movement. Just something which you could refer to to help gauge a jump.

        Just like the sprite change upon level completion, it's just a suggestion in case you plan to expand upon this. They really were not big issues I had, I just didn't see it brought up in other feedback.

  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    Good game with a lot of potential but it does have a lot of issues, which I know you are aware of from the description. Heres the bugs I encountered/things to improve:

    • Often I would launch myself but not actually move and still lose a piece of my character.
    • The power bar seems very incosistent. Sometimes I stop it in the red and go flying. Other times I stop in the red and go about half the distance I previously did. Either there is a massive power jump at some point or the power is just being calculated differently every time for some reason.
    • Often items from the menu would just select themselves when my mouse scrolled over them. I wouldn't left click or anything it would just start a level as soon as my cursor moved over it. The restart button also did the same thing but for this button it happened every time. I'm fairly sure the menu isn't intentional but perhaps the restart button is. If so that seems a bit unusual. It didn't really cause any problems but I still feel you should have to click the restart button to restart the level.
    • I would make the menu static rather than have it bounce up and down. Just seems very inconvenient having to chase the buttons with your cursor.
    • The level order is a bit all over the place. The levels go from very difficult to very easy constantly. I would get one level I couldn't beat and then the next level I'd be able to beat in one go.
    • I had to mute the volume as every time I died the music would begin playing again but wouldn't stop the previous loop of it so it would just constantly overlap with every death.
    • The time it takes before you can start launching the character again is a bit too long. Maybe I'm just impatient and wanted to launch the character off too quickly but it feels like you have to wait a while before you can. Also when you get to your last bit of health you have to wait for it to descend to the ground which takes quite a while.

    I think thats everything I noticed. For a first Game Jam game it's very well done and is very playable. I'm sure a lot of the issues above would've been ironed out if there was more time. I played every level but didn't manage to beat them all. I certainly couldn't do the challenge where you go back to the first level if you die, although I gave it my best shot (Only got to about level 4 or 5 though). But yeah very fun game, just needs some tweaks here and there. Good job.

    • Ron Sivan
      Lv. 2

      All of your points are correct. I didn't notice the music bug, but its actually a really simple one and im ashamed that I couldnt find it. Not enough playtesting... Thanks for saying its good for a good one for the first jam. We actually study on sundays here, so we had a lot of time in saturday and much less in sunday. The restart button not being clickable is intentional, I have also noticed the menu bug and I still have no idea why it happenes. The reason the restart button does that is that if you click it you will actually launch yourself, losing one life. The fix for this was just to not click it, and for the menu buttons have a one second delay from click to level to avoid it.

      • Jackaroo
        Lv. 9

        Ok yeah the restart button not been clickable makes sense. I didnt think of that so ignore my earlier bit of criticism about that. And yeah the music bug is simple but dont worry about missing it. Happens in these events and it's only a small thing. It is a good game and with some more time to clean up the bugs it will make for a really fun little puzzle game.

  • Chris

    The physics are cool and game fits the theme very well

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    A very cute, clever game with lots of levels! It gives me mini golf vibes, in a way.

  • tfg
    Lv. 8

    The time to wait before the cube settles is way too long, you need to shorten that. Other than that, the game pretty fun, though I think the game needs more content (not just tons of levels, but new mechanics throughout the levels)

  • Brian LaClair

    I enjoyed this a lot! There are certain frustrations with the character movement (as Rewdan mentioned, specifically the part where you have to wait for the character to "settle") but really cool concept here and good work!

  • Rewdan Sprites
    Lv. 3

    Hello. Me and my son took turns to play this game. It made made me laugh (in a good way). It was funny to see the character bouncing off of the walls etc. We actually played this for quite a while. I liked actually launching the character off and bouncing it off of things. Also how it breaks apart. Nice.

    It was very cool that there was different level layouts and I can understand how there aren't different themes between the levels just yet with the time frame given to produce the game.

    The "After bounce" when things kind of slow down did make me a little impatient as I just wanted to keep throwing the character off of things for funsies.

    But yeah I could see me and my kid playing this again.

    • Ron Sivan
      Lv. 2

      That is very nice! Thank you! Maybe the gravity wasnt quite right. I think it needed to be a bit higher. About the slow falling, I agree with you, It's quite slow, but I think thats because of gamemaker's physics engine. There's already code in the game that makes the player stop bouncing, because initallity, he would bounce forever, or if not forever, a very, VERY, long time.

      I'm sure that with more time diffirent themes couldve gone in, and who knows? Maybe we'll continute the game on itch.