You just got that dream car you've always been saving up for, only to find that the zombie apocalypse has just begun. Your car is the only thing standing between you and complete annihilation.

Run over hundreds of zombies and watch as their chunks fly, or just do donuts in the school parking lot as you trash the surrounding infrastructure.


WASD/Arrowkeys: Movement

Shift/CTRL: Drift

Mouse1: Shoot Minigun

E: Release Oil Slick

Spacebar: Fire Rockets

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  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    Really cool entry. It took me a while to get used to the controls but eventually I got the hang of it. I liked the mission structure. Very GTA type feel in that regard.

    My only really issues are:

    • Early on when the rest of the map is blocked off, there is no indicator that the area is blocked. There is just an invisible wall that prevents you from going any further. Putting something in the way to indicate that the area isn't yet accessible would be nice as it's a little confusing at first.

    • The Fire Hydrants and Fences are way too tough. Driving around only to be brought to a complete stop because of a small fire hydrant on the path kind of killed the pacing at times. Would have been more enjoyable just to be able to mow through them in my opinion.

    • The first mission to go to the convenience store just takes a little too long to activate I think. It would be nice if that came up a bit quicker so you can move on to getting the minigun earlier since thats where things get a lot more fun.

    I'm really glad the health packs restore your health to full. If they didn't the game would've been very hard. As it is now it's actually balanced rather nicely. Not too hard but not too easy either. It was really fun to play through and actually quite long as well which was nice. I'll probably be coming back to this once I've finished all the other games in the Jam. Great work.

  • Chris

    Cool game, felt like GTA with zombies

  • Jason Newman
    Lv. 6

    This was fun as hell, great job!

    Break Ship

    Break Ship

  • Reaktori
    Lv. 17

    A fun game and surprisingly long one too! I especially like the car physics and small details, such as the skid marks and smoke from the minigun. It's also cool to see stuff like fences and traffic signs fall over, which greatly adds to the theme!

    My biggest complaint is with the camera, which lags behind the car and makes it difficult to see what's in front of you when moving fast. It would be nice if the camera focused in front of the car instead!

    It's a good game overall and I enjoyed playing it! Nice work!

  • Allison James

    I love this idea - well presented and a great start.

    For the existing game though, I do think there are some issues that block it being as fun as it could be. Fences etc should be a lot more destructible than they currently are, for example - when a game is this chaotic, getting stuck between a small zombie horde and a tiny fence interrupts the fun a little.

    Zombies also seem... very, very, unbelievably fast? Like, faster than our fastest human athletes? xD

    This is a wonderful start to a game that could be a lot of fun, though - great work!

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    It's tons fun to mow down hordes of zombies while skidding around at high speed. It reminds me of Retro City Rampage, but much more fast-paced.

  • OnTheMatter
    Lv. 8

    I had a lot of fun with this entry! It's a breath of fresh air seeing the zombies move this fast, they're actually a threat! I just wish this had some audio to accompany it, just by looking at the gameplay alone I can tell it would pair really well with some juicy sound effects.

    I liked the objectives which lead to progression, it reminded me of arcade games such as The House of the Dead where there are missions while also keeping that rogue-like feeling of an arcade game (Not too similar gameplay-wise, I just mean where it has a series of progressive missions, and if you fail you need to restart completely). I thought it was funny how many times you had to go back and forth between the two gas stations, sure it was padding but the explanations for it each time were pretty funny if you keep this in mind.

    I noticed sometimes I would outrun the camera, and inevitably come crashing into a wall as a result shortly after. It would be nice to have a clamp for it although I do like the effect. The game ran fairly well, although I did notice that the rockets would freeze the game up for about a second after landing near some zombies. I think if you kept up the mission system and added in some additional levels this could make a great game! I certainly enjoyed it. It could be hard to differentiate between objects as well when it came to the art, some more contrast would work wonders.

    I quit after killing about ~2000 zombies sometime following the completion of the objectives. Overall, a very fun entry!

  • Brian LaClair

    Nice work, Evan - super cool to blast the zombies apart... now only if they could stop wrecking my dream car!

    I wish the zombies caught up with the car a bit slower, but still fun.