Troy is Hungry... Being a plant with a hunger for flesh isn't easy. Luckily, his friendly parasite, Spud, is a big fan of human suffering. You control Spud! Who then controls humans... So i guess you control both? Lead the humans to the ever-so hungry Troy and maybe even kill a few humans along the way :)

Use the dead bodies of humans as platforms and make sure to read the "How to Play"!

NOTE: Dont forget to press enter when selecting a human at the beginning of a level. KNOWN BUG: You are able to control dead humans, if you accidentally select one press Z to go back into selection :)

This is my first gm48! And my first game jam! And my first game! I had a lot of fun doing this and i learned a lot. If i had a bit more time i would for sure add more levels and spend more time on the artwork, but im very happy with how it turned out in 48 hours. Hope you enjoy!


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