Play as a Lich that gets stronger every time he dies. Kill peasants and raise skeletons!

How to play:

  • Left Click to Attack
  • Right Click to raise the dead to fight for you.
  • Move using A and D (or left/right arrow keys)

Goal: Advance in level (by "dying"), and kill as many enemies as you can within time limit. Score is given at the end.

Since this jam took place on Easter weekend, I only had about 15 hours to work on this project total. My artist, while unable to provide any art assets this time around, helped with the design and ideas. Hope you enjoy this goofy little game.

Note: You may want to turn your sound down to about half, HTML5 ignored my preset volume of my sound files, whereas Windows/Mac worked as intended.)

Known Bugs:

  • If you die while moving, stuff keeps moving until you rise again.

Created with Gamemaker Studio 2, Spine, Garageband, and Quicktime Player. Sounds recorded with Blue "Snowball" microphone.

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  • Atomic
    Lv. 19

    Fun game. I liked the concept, it was a very interesting interpretation of the theme, and it worked pretty well. The consequences of dying were not entirely motivating, so the main source of enjoyment came from generating as big of an army of the undead as possible. The character design was also pretty good, it fit well with the game jam-esque sound effects, though I would have liked if the enemies had different weapons and clothes and such. I think the game might have worked better as a "top down", with enemies coming from all sides, and if you chose to pursue the development of the game, you could choose to take out the "no death state" part, of make it more rewarding when you don't die.

  • Eva
    Lv. 13

    I liked the character designs and the sound effects were a good fit! Very nice game



  • Hyper Freeze Games
    Lv. 17

    Fun little time killer! :D And respectable for 15 hours of work! Raising the dead and swarm the enemies feels pretty satisfying.

    And the sound effects were awesome x) Keep it up!

  • Tero Hannula

    It was fun, but short. It looked good and had bit silly sound effects ^^ I got score of 144. Gameplaywise there wasn't much to do.



  • Fachewachewa

    Limited game, but pretty cool! I really liked the animations and sound effects :D

  • Adrien Dittrick
    Lv. 11

    I got 25 kills and a score of 125 :) Cute graphics, and I see you've taken the voiceover approach for all sounds :p

  • Allison James

    Silly but it made me smile!

    There didn't seem to be many tactical options in the game - at least once I noticed the "raise the dead" option. Even with that though, I felt a little like one run-through was plenty to see the game in action, and a second playthrough didn't really net me a very different score.

    The game was presented adequately, and the voiced SFX were cute. It also matched the theme fairly well (although it did seem like the game would have worked just as well, if not better, if it was "fight until you die" rather than "fight until time runs out" - the time limit seemed arbitrary).

    Good work overall!