LMB - Fire Rockets
Scroll Wheel - Switch between rocket types

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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    I like the idea but the jumps are waaaay too tricky, like you gotta be so precise. I managed to passe the first obstacle by luck and was not able to succeed it once i retarted the game. The first spike jump beat me too. It would have been better if the shockwave sent you flying further..

  • Fachewachewa

    Didn't even get to the hook part since I wasn't able to figure out how the walljump really worked. Everytime I got passed one it seems to rely on chance more than anything, because I didn't know what I was doing differently. Plus, momentum is very important, so if you mess up one jump you just can't continue to rise.

    The second pillar with spike just made me give up, that's two game in one jam that have this exact same pattern and I just can't take it, I struggle too much to get up the pit just to be rewarded with unforgiving spikes that blow you up even if you just barely touch them. And you can't really adapt once you're up there, either you give up because the jump is too risky or you go through with it, but is 100% dependent on the previous jumps.

    Anyway, that's too bad because this mechanic was pretty well done, just... too much gravity or not enough kickback.

    Lv. 36

    I did comlete the third hook level with over 200 deathsl! The hooking feels amazing when you know how to use it.

    But the level afterwards with a long walljump was boring and I quit the game.

    I also tried to restart the level one time so I pressed R. You could say it restarted the whole game in the description. (but I didn't need to redo that much:)

    Here is some ways you could made the game easier: Make hitboxes of spikes smaller. Don't have any cooldown to shooting. Make the gravity a bit weaker or the jumping stronger.

    I would also prefer if the diffrent guns was on diffrent keys.

    Despite the difficulty and the lack of sound, It was very good. I didn't find any bugs at all.



  • Katy Hacking
    Lv. 3

    Good game, fun to play, though frustrating. Didn't manage the third hook level either, but I'm gonna keep trying. I did appreciate that the jump levels increased gradually in difficulty. This game really makes you get the hang of jumping. good originality and use of the theme.

    Nice, clean, simple graphics. Game looks really, really good. Ran perfectly & smoothly. Wish there was some music.

  • Joseph
    Lv. 4

    There's some cool mechanics and concepts at work here, but the challenge level is through the roof. It took me several minutes to get past the first wall because the physics are so tricky and precise. But it only gets harder and harder from there, I finally had to give up after reaching the third hook challenge and having 64 deaths, as much as I really wanted to finish it.

    It's a shame too, because I think if the shockwave for your rocket sent you a little bit further, the hook didn't require you to be airborne, and the challenge was more lenient at the beginning, to teach the player the basics and get them "hooked" before the challenge sets in (pardon the pun), this could be a really good game.