Play as Stanley Fubar, construction worker extraordinaire, who is armed with a high quality Stanley Fubar. Journey through a retro styled construction site, using the three sides of your tool to break everyone and everything in your way.

Use the right side of your tool to pry open doors and crates, or mash buttons . Use the wrong one, and you might find yourself trapped.


  • Keyboard:
    • A/D or Left/Right Arrow: Move Left/Right
    • W or Up Arrow: Jump
    • Space: Use Tool. Combine with jumping or running for special effects
    • 1/2/3: Switch tool action (crowbar, hammer, wrench)
    • BackSpace: Restart Level.
  • Controller:(xbox)
    • Left Stick: Move Left/Right
    • A: Jump
    • B/X/Y: Switch tool action (crowbar, hammer, wrench)
    • Right Trigger: Use Tool. Combine with jumping or running for special effects
    • Back Button: Restart Level.


Art, Code, Level Design, Sound Design: TheKingDwarf

Code, Level Design, Last Minute Testing while stressing about deadlines: Meseta

Code, Level Design : Jacob bocaj Jacob bocaj

All Names are our discord names. Look for the secret boomboxes.

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Cool graphics! I included it in my GM48: One Tool, Many Uses compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • adrian09_01
    Lv. 4

    I loved this. Pretty nice graphics, is this the Pico-8 palette or am I mistaken?

  • Charlotte Woolley
    Lv. 2

    Fantastic graphics and some truly unforgiving platforming, I loved it!! The controls were a little clunky but to me that added to the charm and feel of an old-school platformer!

    Really impressive just how much you got done, and the use of the theme is a very literal one which is very refreshing in the effective way that you've presented it!

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    I don't quite get why people got stuck on the third level in the pit. Like, the exit is just on the left.

    However... still got stuck in that level. I didn't manage to put out the fire on the left most, couldn't find anything to trigger it, despite check where I could (including the button of the pit between the walls)

    My main issue with the game is the huge delay of the controls. Like it takes about a second for your tool to have an effect. When you play a game, you expect to play something responsive, here it feels like it's slow and rather than just focusing on navigating on the level, you're focusing on anticipating your moves, so it's needlessly distracting. Just skip the first frames, the animation should be quick!

    Aside that, I'm not sure about the theme. From what I get, he has a "big ass tool", but the way you use it really feels like you have different tools rather than one (and btw, switching between tools is a bit annoying, especially when you use the wrong tool on buttons lol)

    • dev_dwarf
      Lv. 6

      I'm sorry you did not enjoy the game. As far as the theme goes, we researched a tool in real life that had multiple uses. This is a real tool called a fubar and the one our character uses is modeled off of one made by the company Stanley. Each of the three sides of the tool can be used on objects in the game or can trigger a special ability.

  • Fachewachewa

    Like Joseph, got stuck on level 3, didn't find any way to get past the button in the "secret" area.

    Anyways good overall entry, I wish there were more use of tool outside of doors/buttons, like the hammer jump. The sprint wasn't really used, and I notice the crowbar was doing something (gamepad rumble) when I used it in the air near a wall, but I'm not sure if it was a bug or something I didn't understand.

    The level design felt very oldschool too. It wasn't too complicated, but it felt a bit arbitrary sometimes, especially because you don't always know what the thing you just activated opened.

    • dev_dwarf
      Lv. 6

      I'm sorry that you had a problem with that level. It followed a very non linear path, which in hindsight was probably confusing. If you want to give it another shot, to get out of the hole, smash the button and twist the nut. If you got to the left you will be able to get put it the hole through the crate.

  • Joseph
    Lv. 4

    I got stuck at the third level, there was a door but I could not figure out how to open it, and to the left some fires I couldn't put out. There's also a pit at the start of that level that I could not get out of when you open the crate and fall in (had to press backspace to restart the level).

    I like the attempt at non-linear level design though, and the presentation is really nice on this one, including the music and graphics and even the idea. The first tutorial level is excellent at setting up how to use the tools, as I think I would have been clueless without that part. But because of that, I was able to have quite a bit of fun all the way up to the part where I got stuck.

    Very well done, Screaming Monkeys! =)



  • Carvalho
    Lv. 2

    I'm impressed with how much was accomplished with the time. The design is amazing, I like how the tool interacts with the world.

    If I can nitpick I found the platform a little unforgiven, maybe I'm accustomed to the old platformers, there's a lot of new ones that require precision and I'm not really good at them.

    Another little problem for me was that the enemy hitboxes are too small, you need to really hit them in a small space. A lot of times I miss them thinking what I did wrong.

    Now for the awesomeness, I love the spark particles the hammer creates and how the camera zooms out when you move, to show a little more of the stage.

    Ghost Snap

    Ghost Snap

    • dev_dwarf
      Lv. 6

      Artist/musician/coder here.

      I'm glad you liked it! It was my first time competing with a team, and we achieved a much more ambitious project than I could have hoped for at he start. The platforming is a bit tricky, but if you learn how to master each weapons special ability, it because much less challenging. The enemy hit boxes are pretty small, you kind of have to hit them in the chest. If you have trouble hitting them, use the wrenches special ability to dash through them. Thank you for playing!

  • Rohbert
    Lv. 13

    Nice graphics and sound was ok. Unfortunately I did not know what to do at the second door. I used all 3 tools in a bunch of ways but could not advance past the second door.

    • dev_dwarf
      Lv. 6

      I am sorry you had a bad experience. The second door is a little challenging, as the level is not completely linear. If you are interested in trying again, when you spawn in go to the right. Their should be a crate, use your crowbar to go through. Then follow the sign that points up. Their will be a door to crowbar, then a machine to smash. After that go back to where you spawned. The door to your left is now open, you can use the tools on the button and nut that are down there, then jump with the crowbar or hammers special ability to climb up to the door. I hope you will give us another chance.