How to play

Note: this game requires a mouse with a scroll wheel (MiddleMouse/Mouse3), you throttle by pressing down the scroll wheel.


T-FUC: Terra-Foundation Uncharted territory Cargo vessel. The T-FUC is the bread and butter of Terra-Foundations interstellar natural resource gathering initiative. T-FUC is built around TerraTechs revolutionary 'One Tool™' ship operating software. The simplicity of operating the ships systems has led to a drastic cut in costs as a result of only needing one pilot to control all the ships vital systems and operations.

The T-FUC comes equipped with:

  • One durable exoplanet drill
  • A one button adaptive weapons system
  • TerraTechs 'One Tool™' integrated combat-class shield systems.

Your T-FUC has just arrived at the outskirts of Terra-Foundations latest prospecting site and you now have a brave new world at your fingertips!

  • @Furiiku - Code and Design
  • @Hurdleburdle - Artwork, Design and Lore
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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Great graphics! I included it in my GM48: One Tool, Many Uses compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/CSolNVWY9mU

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    I made several tries (~20) of the game and it was a progression of trying to understand the controls.

    First tries: Okay I can spin around. Oh I can shoot. I get surrounded by enemies. And die soon after.

    Later tries: So I read in the feedback that we can move the ship. Alright. I try many keys (right click, the classic wasd, then everything else on the keyboard) Well, it said something about the mouse wheel, so i'll move it up and down to see. Oh, nope.

    Last tries: Oh we have to press the wheel. Forgot that mouse 3 was supposed to be that.

    And there you got what basically ruined the game (well and the insane difficulty). The mouse wheel button. :/ This has the be the actual worst key. It's super close to the LMB and you can't shoot at the same time. Not to mention it's a pain to manoeuvre with. It's a shame cause the keyboard could have been used, since we have an alternative hand. The good thing about the keyboard is that it could also serve as shortcut for the upgrades... Too bad... :/

  • Joseph
    Lv. 4

    I tried three times:

    First time, I didn't move at all, and the enemies instantly totally surrounded me and killed me in a split second.

    Second time I realized you gotta move around, but I still couldn't do anything because lightspeed, but I did make it to wave 2.

    Third time I looked at the feedback and realized that things slow down when you are near a planet. Including. Enemy. Bullets. I made it to wave 3 with 8 kills and did some mining, but never had a safe enough moment to spend my money.

    There are some cool ideas at work here, once I got to understanding it. Could be so much better if you had a bit more health to start with, could pause to buy upgrades, and if the lightspeed mechanic was removed or at least toned down significantly. If not getting rid of the lightspeed mechanic, at least start the player by a planet so the game is slow-mode to begin with and they can take a moment to understand what's going on. And put a button prompt at startup telling them how to use their thrust.



    • Furiiku
      Lv. 11
      Furiiku Developer of Trappist-One

      5yrs ago

      First, a huuuuge thanks for trying and playing the game more than once! It really warms my heart when someone actually tries to figure how the game works and maybe even what the devs wanted but didn’t quite get through. This kind of feedback is invaluable and is the core (at least for me) of a gamejam and the community.

      Second, I wholeheartedly agree with every improvement you have and that aligns more with what our vision was but didn’t manage to complete in the timeframe.

      This is exactly why I join these jams, constructive feedback and other devs and players opinions on wild and crazy ideas!

      Again a huge thank you for playing and giving feedback!

  • Fachewachewa

    This... how are we supposed to play ?? I killed at maximum 4 enemies in one game. As soon as you're not near a planet or enemy, everything goes 40 times faster. At first movement is ok but then you zap through the entire map in one second. And you can't really evade shots since you're so slow when you're near other ships.

    And I don't know how you hold your mouse, but I can't click on middle mouse and left click at the same time, so if I try to shoot one enemy, I'm getting killed by the other two (not that I would be able to aim at anything while moving this fast).

    But yeah the game & menus look pretty good (but the font is way too small to read on the help screen).

    Oh and like nuzcraft said, have to reboot the game every time. I think the game is trying to connect to nothing ?

    • Hurdleburdle
      Lv. 2
      Hurdleburdle Artist of Trappist-One

      5yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback. :) we are painfully aware that movement is an issue. :p we were originally hoping to bind thrusters to mouse 4 or 5, but we had no luck in succeeding there. In retrospect however mouse3 should have been switched for the more ergonomically comfortable mouse2. regarding movement I believe acceleration and decceleration should have been scrapped all together and the max speed limit lowered. anyways, glad you stopped by to share your thoughts!

  • nuzcraft
    Lv. 2

    This seems like a really cool concept! I really like the art and parallax.

    The mechanics seemed like they were almost put into place, especially the mining (still not sure how that worked) and it's really easy to die (or I'm just bad). The high-score system seemed to bug out for me and I had to restart the game every time I died.

    Overall: Fun game, good job!

    Strong Fan

    Strong Fan

    • Furiiku
      Lv. 11
      Furiiku Developer of Trappist-One

      5yrs ago

      Thank you for your feedback, I put more time than I'd care to admit on the parallax and camera feature.

      Yeah, since I spent so much time coding the camera a lot of features didn't get implemented as intended. The drilling was supposed to be more involved but as it is now you just hover near the planet and it will drop fuel based on your drill level. If you hover near it a health bar will appear showing how much is left on the planet.

      Yeah sadly a bug snuck in with the release I uploaded making the highscore somewhat unreliable.

      Anyway huge thanks for playing and the feedback :)