The game might be confusing or even depressing - so it was designed to be. Ye be warned. PS. A reward is a sacrifice.

Controls: Mouse only

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  • Tecna
    Lv. 10

    I didn't know what I was doing.

    Perhaps what they say is right: God works in misterious ways.

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Nice graphics, though I wasn't sure what I was doing. I included it in my GM48: Sacrifice compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Fachewachewa

    Interesting idea for sure. I really like the fact that you put this out in a game jam, but I really don't like your responses to comments :D It makes me think you're not even sure what's the message your game could send. I mean, you're trying to make a statement so you know what it is, but I think the game might make another one.

    Anyway, it looks good but the text is really bad, but the volume slider on the mouse wheel was really neat. Particularly appreciated in a jam where sound volumes tend to be crazy high.

    Oh, and some detection for the placement of event is missing, most of the things happens in oceans :(

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    Loved the idea and connection to the theme, execution was kinda poor though.

    Art was way too blurry, sound was great, gameplay wasn't too fun, but it served its purpose well.



  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    I don't know how much I can really comment on the message, but it's certainly a unique idea for a game with an interesting interpretation of the sacrifice theme. The visuals and audio are well done and do a good job of conveying the feel you seem to be going for. I quite like the rotating globe effect.

  • cortop
    Lv. 4

    It's interesting as an interactive statement, but I'm sure you know it isn't a fun game ;)

    Anyway, the game gets across the problem with an all powerful and omniscient god. It's a very jaded game, sure, but it's pretty powerful how pointless it seems when all you see is a bit of text about "saints" and a nearly featureless globe. Boiling down humanity's worth into a bunch of statistics is... well, I suppose it's the only way to comprehend such a huge scale. I liked that saints were born just because they were arbitrarily suffering from something. Everything happens for a reason and all that.

    Ironically, the pointlessness of the game kind of ruins the sacrifice theme, because while things ARE being sacrificed they have no tangible value or meaning. You've subverted the theme?

    Yeah, this game's fucked up and I'm an apathetic god. It's not the sort of game I'd want to play every day, but it's nice to play something like this once in a while.



    • ckau
      Lv. 10
      ckau Developer of For All The Saints

      6yrs ago

      Thanks for the review! Yeah, my guess is that "sacrificing fun" may still be a meta-fun :)

      I think granting some kind of "bonus points" or modifier for saints will ruin the concept. Like, the player gets more "faith points", this will let him tackle disasters faster. And that falls into increasing pace of the game via increasing disasters or taking away "saints" for reasons - in any way, that turns tables. Games move from apathy and stability to some form of chaos, and actually become a game - conditions change, and the player has some tools to adjust, etc. etc.

      So, yeah. Sacrifices made, but do they matter? On which scale? When short-term benefits become long-term? Do they even? Everything changes, while everything stays the same - what matters then?

      We've lost a man on Thursday - how many days we need to forget about him? Ain't every one of us is an apathetic god at some point?

  • pmmj
    Lv. 2

    Interesting concept. I'm assuming this is a statement that nothing can solve all disasters / open to user interpretation. I somewhat enjoyed the game and when we played we tried to guess what factor would turn the saint into one over the others. It seems like a game trying to provoke thinking with vague ideas: interesting to see how far you got with 48 hours on such a topic! Loved the art and music, fit very well with the design of the game! Just wish the controls and mechanics were a little clearer (maybe just my taste)



  • bucketbomb
    Lv. 5

    The art was nice, though a lot of the text was a little blurry. The main screen was appealing, but the gameplay was really stale. Overall, the theme was a jaded statement about religion (maybe just Christianity) as a whole, which is an issue maybe too large to tackle in a game jam (if only because the game's message too easily becomes a large oversimplification of a very large issue). I'm definitely interested to see what you do with this concept if you continue with it!

    • ckau
      Lv. 10
      ckau Developer of For All The Saints

      6yrs ago

      My guess is that in any form this game will be blind describing an elephant. The development took me only 10 hours, so I had enough time to polish and "gamify" the gameplay - but I figured there are no reasons to do that.

      One can make a statement by making a game, or one's game may be the statement in itself. I may try to communicate some idea, but in order to accept it the audience gotta either got the same experience as I do, or take my words as truth and blindly follow. That is a one-way highway for information.

      I'd love to have this in a form of dialog. What's my game about? What's the "message"? Why the faith-resource rises only when a disaster-event happens? Why, how, what?...

      You tell me. If you're interested in having a talk about "things", surely.

      Otherwise - rate "0 of 10", and get out :D

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    6yrs ago

    I think I got the idea... You play some sort of god-like character trying to end catastrophes, but in order to save the lives of thousands you have to ruin the life of a good individual? I like this concept, but the impact wasn't apparent. I couldn't quite tell if I was actually getting more points from having more saints. I seemed like I wouldn't get any if there wasn't an ongoing catastrophe.

    • ckau
      Lv. 10
      ckau Developer of For All The Saints

      6yrs ago

      Yeah, sorta like that. There's no problem with being confused about the concept, because:

      13) On one hand, it's designed to be so. Not like there's "hidden meaning" or something - it just lacks clarity and details. Not that I bother. If the pieces do not fit - that's space for either speculation or rejection. I'm fine with both.

      86) How does one communicate an idea of the nonlinear system of a God-Humankind relationship based on correlation of grim, sacrifice and prayers? Via the interactive application, having only 48 hours (10 in my case) for the development of one? Idk, you go tell.

      So, yeah. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you're confused about the concept - that's fine. The game is not designed to be an entertainment, and have "simulator" tag for a reason.

  • Robert
    Lv. 7

    I don't get the game mechanic.. just search for saints, click stuff... not sure what the goal or win-goal is. What am I sacrificing?

    Graphics and good though!