• You die if everyone in your village dies (be careful when around unfilled windmills!)
  • You win if you purchase a temple (200 gold) and you survive for another day afterwords!

The game might seem a little counter-intuitive at first, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. If you have any questions about anything in specific or want to tell me about a bug (there are probably many since I sort of ran out of time) feel free to PM me on twitter.

HOMELAND was made in only 10 hours (give or take) so if it seems rushed or anything, it's because it is (I'll be honest). I'm likely going to release a post-jam version in a week or two with bug fixes. EDIT: The post-jam version probably won't be released now because for whatever reason, I can't find the project file to HOMELAND and the version I uploaded to here isn't working... Sorry about that.

Thanks for playing!

Bugs that exist in the game that you should probably know about:

  • Pressing P to pause the game kills you. So to pause the game, just go to the shop screen
  • Sometimes villagers clip into each other when running in a group.
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  • Fachewachewa

    Nice little game. Something that I think haven't been mentionned is the fact that you can move unselected units. If you tell some villagers to go somewhere, then select others and tell them to go somewhere else, if the first ones didn't get to their destination, they'll go to the new place. So you can't really multitask :( It kinda defeats the purpose if being able to select different units.

    Also I only made 3 hourses and a windmill, didn't even need the church as you can just buy new villagers.

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Really nice game. The style is simple but it's very effective. I especially like the smoke coming from the houses. The gameplay is neat too. It's fun sending your army of villager to attack the bandits, and sacrificing people for food is an interesting idea.

    It could do some more variety and balance, but what's here is great for the time you had. There also really needs to be some way to speed up the game (or maybe just an increase to the base speed) as a lot of time is spent waiting.

    • astrophics
      Lv. 1

      Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it despite all the bugs/features left out due to lack of time. I'm planning on releasing a new version of the game with everything I had to leave out in the jam version in a week or so (I'll probably tweet about the game out when it's released).

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Pretty cool! The visuals and sounds were very old school but it blended well together! This is a perfect example on how simple graphics can still have a great appeal as it has a neat style. You don't see that working so well with other games. Too bad for the lack of music though, feels a bit empty at times.

    The game isn't very hard, at some point when you have 20+ villagers and a church you basically just need to let your villagers aside the church and you can just wait for the game to win while you play the other games of the jam. (that's what I did)



    • astrophics
      Lv. 1

      Yeah I figured the game was kind of easy, I didn't have enough time to fully play-test the game during the jam. I've mentioned this to everyone else, but I'm going to release a MUCH better version of the game in a week or so (don't worry, the new version already has a soundtrack!). I'll probably post a link to the game when it's released on twitter.

  • cortop
    Lv. 4

    I like this game a lot! Although it does feel like a very early prototype. I think there's a lot you could add to this game, but what you have now is a excellent foundation. The graphics are very stylish. They remind me of another 1-bit style game called Royals. The sound effects are very utilitarian, but they add the right amount of feed back. Also I really liked the particle effect on the chimneys. It's a subtle effect, but it adds a lot of life.

    The few problems I had were to do with balancing. I managed fine with only 8 villagers and camping by the church. The church is op and needs some kind of penalty for overuse. Also getting money takes ages. It would be great if you could sell food or have a building that creates passive income.

    Really just a very solid and polished game, even if it doesn't have a lot of depth. Great job!



    • astrophics
      Lv. 1

      Thanks for the response! Yes the church is very overpowered, only realized that post-jam (not enough time to play-test). I'm in the process of making a new version of the game with a lot of bug fixes and new/improved features (ex. procedural generated islands, ships, etc.). I'll probably post about the game when it's released on twitter. Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it despite the bugs and exploits!

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    For being so minimalistic this game sure has style, I love the art and the sound effects aren't too annoying, even though some slight pitch variation would make them better.

    Gameplay is really effective even though it's so simple, and I liked the connection to the theme with the windmills.

    The worst thing though is the balancing, you either made the game too slow or too easy, so the player finds himself waiting most of the time with no real challenge.

    You could fix that either by boosting up the speed of the game or the difficulty, or both. I'd probably add another way to get gold other than waiting, like selling food. Also the church is OP af.

    But yeah, overall a really fun and stylish game, even though it's not properly balanced.



    • astrophics
      Lv. 1

      Thanks for the response! The main problem with the balance is the fact that I didn't have enough time to play-test the game to experience the game from the player's perspective and tweak it to make the experience better. I've mentioned this to everyone else, but I'm going to release a much better version of the game that will hopefully fix this balance issue (along with bugs/new features) in a week or so. I'll probably tweet about the game when I release it.

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Nice little game! I included it in my GM48: Sacrifice compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/GLJFbs0fnfE

  • Tecna
    Lv. 10

    This game was very fun, I made it to the end with 12 villagers and I really appreciated the strategy in sacrificing the people to the benefit of all. I cheesed a bit to win (by standing all your villagers next to a church) and, in some playthroughs, I was able to buy 2 villagers by 5 food (causing overpopulation). I was stupid enough to not take a screenshot and I didn't succeeded in replicating the scenario on purpose.

    But this is one of my candidates to Top 3, I really liked very much this game and I'm looking forward for a final version. May I let a suggestion? You could add bandits capable of destroying your buildings. This would interrupt my cheese of standing near a church and spike the difficult, forcing the players to think more strategically about the placement of them (maybe also adding fences to back off these bandits).

    Where are you going to release the final version? Are you going to publish it in your post mortem? Please, let me know!

    • astrophics
      Lv. 1

      Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! (I honestly thought the game was terrible and would have poor reception, since it was rushed and all).

      Yes the final version will be released probably on Game Jolt (just an indie game website). For the final version, I am indeed planning on adding the ability for bandits to destroy buildings (just didn't have enough time to implement it in the jam) and fixing bugs/exploits (ex. fix the pause screen). I'll probably post a link on my Twitter account to the final version when I release it. It'll probably be a week or two because I'm quite busy with life at the moment. Again, thanks for playing and taking the time to write a review!

  • SpaceMyFriend
    Lv. 15

    Awesome! Really well done, especially for only 10 hours! Sacrificing your villagers into the windmill was hilarious and slightly morbid! I felt like i was running a village of cannibals. "Welp, foods getting low. best send someone into that blade over yonder" haha!

    Game was a little slow. A fast forward feature would be great for the post game jam release. And maybe more buildings and more difficulty? Those were my only gripes. I like the simple art. Very good job!

    • astrophics
      Lv. 1

      Thank you! Yep, you got the village full of cannibals, exactly what I was going for! Yes I sort of ran out of time to add more buildings/resources (I had to drop a ton of ideas)... I will release an update to the game in a week or two with bug fixes. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

  • High five Machine
    Lv. 2

    That was really awesome. This is my favorite of the jam so far. Are you going to keep adding to it?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    5yrs ago

    Pause kills you :(

    I like the game by the way

    • astrophics
      Lv. 1

      Yep and that's as to be expected, I added the pause "feature" at the very end of the jam. The game is very buggy at the moment. Might release a post-jam version with bugs like that fixed. Thanks for playing!