Survive Father Time

A Smol Bullet Hell :)

You have 60 seconds, can you keep them?

WASD - to move

mouse to aim - left click to fire main weapon, right click to fire grenades once picked up

Programming/Game Design/Sound - Holtzzy(Sean) Art - Northern Donut

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  • Chris

    I thought this was very well done. The intro and voicework added to the experience, nice job!

  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    This was quite fun. I only ever managed to destroy 8 totems but it was enjoyable and fast paced. I like the inclusion of the voice over although in the intro I did find it a bit hard to hear what was being said as it kept fading in and out (I did catch it all eventually though). I also really like the sound the bullets and lasers make as you fire them. They almost make a bit of a beat which I don't know if it was itentional but it kind of makes up for the lack of music. Also I'm not quite sure of what the point is of the total time survived at the end. It never seems to reach anywhere close to the actual time survived before it starts a new game. Anyway, it was a pretty enjoyable game overall so good work.



  • 2102

    Pretty fun game! Nice entry for a game jam.



  • Kyle Landon
    Lv. 11

    So I'm really bad at this game but oh well! The voice over was a cool addition that I don't think a lot of projects thought to include.



  • dosto
    Lv. 16

    This... game... Idk what was happening or was I even somewhat successing during those 10sec time periods I kept staying alive BUT it was super fun. Everything was just so damn extra :D Voice acting combined to full blast beginning combined to fact this all happened while ice-skating withouth further explanation just got me.

    Thanks for the experience, keep on going!

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Challenging game. I included it in my GM48: Sixty Seconds compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    This game seems like it could be cool, but it gets way too hectic too soon to get into any kind of gameplay groove. The game should ramp up over time instead of chucking everything at you right out of the gate. I know you were going for "bullet hell" but most bullet hell games tend to have predictable patterns, small hitboxes, and slow bullets to make dodging more manageable.

    I will say that the voice acting was really good though! That, and the graphics look pretty nice.



    • Sean Hetsko
      Lv. 3
      Sean Hetsko Coder of Survive Father Time

      3yrs ago

      Thanks fir playing! I agree about the patterns and such, also for some reason my in-engine and build versions are a bit different to play... However ill chock that up to not using GMS for about a year LOL! Ramp up def coulda used some looking at. Again, thanks for playing!