Help Tick and Taco survive 60 seconds on the Clock of Doom. Do you have what it takes? Bring a friend for 2-player!

Gamepad support
2-player support (must have at least 1 gamepad, can use gamepad/keyboard for 2-player or 2 gamepads.)

Walk and jump (If using keyboard it's Arrows+space or WSD+space)

Avoid hazards for 60 seconds to win for real, and/or play to outlast eachother with 2 players.

   secret - PRESS 'Q' during game to change the background
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  • havik

    This was haaaaaard haha. My best survival time was 42 seconds. Cool game though! I'd probably have just given the player a health bar which took damage when colliding with anything. That would give you a little bit of leeway for clipping things etc (I'm pretty sure I visually avoided something just to die to it anyway a few times, maybe the hitboxes are quite big? Whatever the case, a little health bar would fix it).

    I played solo but it's cool to see the possibility of playing coop included, especially in a 48 hour jam! Good job.

  • Tero Hannula

    Looks nice, just too hard for me and couldn't survive for full minute ^^" But I like variety of obstacles you had in game. I didn't have second player available, so I just played as single-player.

  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    This was really good. I like the idea of the whole game taking place on the clock and running around the edge of it. Things got pretty hectic. I only ever managed to get down to about 15 seconds remaining. The sound effects, graphics and music all fit in well with the games style. Even though I didn't get to try it, I like that you included a 2 player mode as well. Overall this was just a fun, well made game. Good work.



  • tfg
    Lv. 8

    Cute game, and nicely polished! I'm rubbish at it, but otherwise, I think the stuff like the Comic Sans and the artwork really add to the game's vibe



    • Chris

      Thanks, it's kind of funny that there are 2 opposing views on Comic Sans adjacent to eachother, a detail of the game I never expected to get mentioned lol

  • Tydecon Games

    Something that really stood out to me in this was the extra features you'd added, a two player mode, changing backgrounds, the way the eyes on the clock follow you around, it's these little touches that I think make this game so charming. It's a tough one as well, the only thing I'd suggest is that, and this may be a personal gripe, comic sans just doesn't look very appealing and sticks out a little in an otherwise fun little game :)

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Fun game! I included it in my GM48: Sixty Seconds compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • singleshot
    Lv. 43

    Interesting twist on the theme, the hit boxes are a bit too big. The player's hit box is a bit too large, and I find myself getting clipped and one shot by things that don't touch me a bit too othen, (around the side of the feet.)

    In general it’s best to make hit boxes that favor the player, with the hit box being a bit smaller than the player, but there are exceptions to this as well. I kinda feel this game would benefit from a more favorable hit box for the player though.

    Also I'm not sure if everything is rng or there's a spawn pattern, but Its really easy to get undogdealbe situations where I’m forced to jump from the bombs, but would die thanks to the diamond spikes rotating above me. So that feels unfair to the player, a cheap death. But if the attacks are all rng then there's really not too much you can do about that, other then set a limit on hazards spawns to lighten the load.

    I also found that at a certain point it was impossible to track all the objects coming on screen, so you would get blind sighted as your field of vision reduced because you had to hyper focus on the area around the player to avoid instant death.

    I feel like everything else was well done, I think it’s impressive that you added in a two player mode, even went the extra distance with rumble on the controllers. The art style was wacky and had a fun flair to it.

    Honestly if the balance was better handled i would have enjoyed this game a lot.

    But for the reasons mentioned above, I just could not have fun playing this game. I tried to force myself to reach the end, but I repeatably ending up in unwinnable patterns, and without context on how the hazards react to my player, I can’t tell if that’s due to how I was playing or pure bad luck. I just gave up, thinking that its not a winnable game.

    Ruin Rush

    Ruin Rush

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3yrs ago
    • Cool idea for a game
    • I wish I didn’t need a game pad for player 2. I think WASD + arrow keys could have worked fine
    • I can’t get past 39 seconds
  • Funny cat Lord
    Lv. 8

    The design of this game reminds me of 80's arcade games. Not only the gameplay structure (and the punishing yet fair gameplay), but the general vibe of it. It's an unqiue feeling to get down, and this game does it right.

    There is one thing I have to point out however: I noticed that the songs BPM is very similar to the timer. I assume the ticks and tocks in the song were meant to represent each second passing, however, the clock and the music desync after 10/20 seconds.

    This minor nitpick aside, I don't think I'll enjoy any game from this jam as much as I did this one. It's simply great!

  • S.Data
    Lv. 2

    Really great game! Love the style of it and I have an affection for games that revolve around a circle like this as one of my first full games was the same way! The rumble on my controller was a little hectic and some of the sound fx were a bit tough on the ears, but overall I had a really good time with it

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Cool game! The control feels nice and it's lot of fun trying to dodge all the obstacles. It's very difficult to survive the full minute, but I eventually managed to do it. I liked how it's playable with both one player and two players - it's unfortunate when games are two player only.

    The presentation is quite nice too. I like the music and how it ramps up as you get closer to victory. Running around the edge of a clock face is a neat choice for a game based around time, and I enjoyed the way the eyes of the clock constantly follow the character.



  • 2102

    Really good! One of my favorites this jam.