Well.. having 4 kids and a weekend just isn't long enough :) I was able to mustard a quick submission, and really struggled at the end with about 20 minutes left!

The HTML5 version I believe messed up, so please download the windows executable.


To continue to protect, feed and grow crops and humans

How to play

You can click and move the sun and rain cloud. Do not let the sun's ray stay too long on a plant or human as it will damage it. To grow the plant you will need rain, so you will need to move the rain cloud over. Press on the backpack button, or E/I on your keyboard to open up the shop. From here you can spend your coins that the humans find to purchase new humans or new crops to grow. When you have some crops you can heal the humans by clicking on them.

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  • Brupibo
    Lv. 10

    I can see this game going to the next level with few improvements and some extra mechanics. Using only keyboard (or gamepad) to control all the elements would be fun, as it would be nice to have some objectives, with actual stages designed around some limitations (like time left, or don't let any human die etc). This would work nice o mobile too.

    Sound effects are good. Very fitting. Graphics erm... would need some improvement. But it is a jam game, and I can relate being busy on weekends (I don't have kids yet, so my "busy" doesn't compares to yours).

    The game loop is fun. Nice work!

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    It's an interesting idea but a bit basic right now. I feel like the sun should at least have some positive application - plants need sun to grow, right? Anyway, the graphics are okay and I found the sound effects pretty enjoyable.

  • baku

    Took me a while to understand the game loop. Wasn't obvious that clicking on people generated money - at first I thought the icon over their heads was a sun, which was very confusing since if I then blasted them with sun they'd just die.

    Neat idea but it's kinda tedious to play, man that sun is annoying

  • Nyveon

    I really like god game type micromanagement games, and feel with more time this could have been really cool. From your channel I can tell you have the skills (good stuff on there btw!), hope you can participate next time too!

  • 89o
    Lv. 18
    • As far as I can tell, the sun is only there to be annoying.
    • After I fed the two plants their rain and gathered them, I still didn't have enough money to buy a third plant; you must've gotten something really wrong with the balancing, or maybe I'm missing something.
  • Chris

    The sun is evil like in Super Mario Bros, so I see the influence there. I held a happy society together for a while but eventually burned up.

  • Tero Hannula

    It took a bit to understand what game was about, there wasn't much to play around after getting around optimal strategy. Life brings it's own challenges, and 4 kids isn't easy for these kind of jams ^^ But hey, free game testers? :)

  • scottgoldsmith
    Lv. 10

    Interesting concept and I think with a bit more time it'd be really solid! I eventually figured out how to play, but it wasn't initially intuitive. I liked the SFX, seemed to take a minute for new coins to spawn.

  • Tydecon Games

    It's an interesting concept and certainly could be developed further but given your additional challenges of keeping 4 kids entertained over the weekend too, what you've put together here is a fun little toy. I did find that pesky sun getting in my way to be one of the fun challenges of it and I hope you find more time to work on this further :)